Thursday, 10 May 2007

And that is it

Final posting from me. I've lost interest; all I seem to write is bad news week.

Army blogging

I posed the question as to whether an enemy could gain any useful information from blogs written by servicemen. Nice of Slate to answer the question for me eh?

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Assassination hopes run high

Seems that the Yankee poodle Yankee fool will get a pay off from the Bush regime after all. The idea that this duplicitous war-mongering criminal has any place in the Middle East is ludicrous. Truly, a Ambassador is a man sent abroad to lie for his Country.

However, I live in hope. The Middle East has a fine history of assassinating those who cause the war lords problems.

Excuse me - do I live here?

I am not yet a total reclusive hermit at the back of some dark and dank cave. Additionally, and to the best of my knowledge of course, I am not yet fully infiltrated by the Altzheimer's illness.

However, I do not recognise this treatise as being the same Scotland as the one I've been living in for the last nigh on seven years. So, I have to repeat my T-shirted request "If found wandering and confused, please phone Norma on 01361 ******"

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

That ain't too bad

In England, serious criminal cases such as children chalking hop-scotch boxes on the pavement attract really wide spread attention.

Seems things are different in America. A truly horrendous murder of a young man and a girl failed to gain much publicity outside the state where it took place and one adjoining state. Just some detail of the murders -

Christian and Newsom had gone on a date Saturday, January 6, 2007, but did not return home. Newsom's body was found adjacent to railroad tracks in East Knoxville the next afternoon. According to investigators, he had been shot and his body had been burned. He had apparently been raped. Some reports state that his penis had been severed from his body prior to his death.

"When the perpetrators were finished with Christopher, they allegedly turned their attention to Channon. She was beaten, gang raped and at times urinated upon. When her killers finally had their fill of her, they cut off one of her breasts while she was still alive, poured bleach down her throat, in an attempt to cover up evidence. As with Christopher, they set her body on fire; however, for unknown reasons, they did not dump her body but instead placed it in a trashcan inside the apartment"

And the reason there was only limited reporting of this? Too grim for publication - no. Seems that there was insufficient novelty in what happened. Extreme degrees of horror quite often appear in the media. Some commentators have said that this is due to a supposed media bias which supposedly provides more coverage to cases in which whites allegedly attack blacks (such as the Duke Lacrosse case) than vice versa.

I think I prefer to read about kids and hopscotch.

Rodeo night

Big event in Bush-land.

I had half-expected to see Bush with his Yo-poodle at his side. Maybe they had learned their lesson after the Wide MouthFrog described herself as England's First Lady in the publicity blurb for one of her mortgage-supplementing tours. Cannot have two First Ladies at the same time.

Our farewell tour of the land around Arizona was described as The Final Round Up (or Two Old Farts in a Canyon). Given the ages of Liz and Phil, maybe they felt the same emotions.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Hackneyed story comes true

I suppose it has provided the plot for countless essays submitted by creative writing students. "Man told had incurable disease. Will die in weeks" goes out and has a high old time. Then - mixed emotions - not ill at all. Will live for ages and ages but has no money or assets.

If the key to successful writing is to write about what you know, this guy should be on a winner.

Michael Yon

A very competent war zone blogger writes steps out of his environment.

Michael Yon.

Racist bigot

I had been saving this as a tag for a suitable blog. Cannot say where I got it from as I have lost/forgotten that bit. I am going to just put it up and forget it. May come in handy if anyone has that discussion with me.

I am a racist. And a sexist. It’s true: I believe in making judgements according to individual merit, without regard to race, color, creed, sex, or national origin.

Corresponds with the usual criticism. Shows why I don't care when accused.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Post Secret.

This is just one revelation posted in to Post Secret. By the very nature of the project, the majority of those published reveal people with serious problems in their life.

Whether or not this anonymous disclosure has any beneficial effect I cannot say.

I do not intend to find out.

Does anyone care?

Whenever there is the death of a soldier on active service it seems inevitable that there is a debate about insufficient equipment or equipment not suitable for the purpose. The politicians, safe at home in the bosom of their family, then claim that the commanders on the ground are getting everything they ask for. Seems that they do not convince the man responsible for procuring the stuff who has issued a report on how he sees things.

And people are discussing what Tony's legacy should be.