Saturday, 16 September 2006

No Papa!

I really find it difficult to believe that the Pope was not well aware of what he would spark off with his remarks about Islam. My guest blog is somewhat on the lines Ian Paisley might write but does suggest another agenda?

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Is this the point of the Pope's speech?

Friday, 15 September 2006

Whose tragedy?

There is quite a bit in this blog that strikes a chord with me. Who is wrong? Makes interesting reading.

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Quite long, just suspend judgement until you get to the end. Maybe go back and read some bits again.

What are you reading today?

Seems like the Internet cuckoo is just about getting ready to toss the Main Stream Media (MSM) chicks out of the nest. The owner of the LA Times has demanded job cuts and is at loggerheads with his Editor on his demand. Lack of profits is the stated cause.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is threatened with closure if the Unions do not agree to cost-cutting initiatives. Long run of losses is at the root of this.
The NY Times reports a sale of a chain of radio stations in face of drop in listeners in switch to Internet-based interests.
Looking at from over the Big Pond I wonder just what it is that is leading the switch. Living as we do ‘interesting times’, it cannot be the paucity of news. There seems to be an enormous list of interesting events bubbling about in the stew of American media. Never mind the actual news – I’m sure one could fell an ox with a paper made up of learned commentators’ comments.
Perhaps it is this very overload that is doing the damage. Reading a paper is like getting Push e-mail; it is there whether one wants it or not. When I go to my home page I can see a précis of news and can choose whether I click further or not. I am an avid reader of blogs (the serious ones that is! Younggirl15 on video does not sweat my rocks) and gather an immense mass of current events from them.Here we have circulation wars but that is more about the share of the reading public and I am unaware of any decline in overall print runs.

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Tuesday, 12 September 2006


It seems to me that the 9/11 events this year are more numerous and attracting much more media attention. One would have thought that after five years, the general public would have come to terms with what happened.

The conclusion I have drawn is that the state of things in Iraq and Afghanistan has led to the realisation that what was expected to be a swift and clean operation to deal with those behind the attack in New York is going to be a long haul. There can be no victory for a military solution and we are dealing with opponents who have nothing to gain from discussion and agreements. If anything, the terrorist threat is worse now than when we moved into Iraq. Sure, mainland USA has - so far as we the public know - had no more attacks but alsewhere US assets are fair game. Also, easy game.

This feeling that we are unable to deal with those who caused our losses increases the effect of the attack. It is not normal for an American citizen to feel powerless.