Friday, 2 March 2007

Music goes round and round

Maybe ">not suitable for work though.

Latest gadget news

Still, I suppose it is better than using a Yale key?

Latest gadget news

Still, I suppose it is better than using a Yale key?

Translation needed

Well, if he did not have sex with that woman, what did he think he was doing. There is a detailed analysis of this in a blog I've reproduced here as the link seemed dodgy when I tried it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Billy Jeff, Call Your Office (CraigC)
Hmmmm. Turns out blow jobs are sex, after all. English teacher at Horace Mann High School in North Fond du Lac, was formally charged with 10 counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff and 10 counts of child enticement.
Newly appointed District Attorney Michael O’Rourke had requested that intake Judge Robert Wirtz set cash bail at $25,000, noting the severity of the crime.
Burman, of Oshkosh, also a track and cross country coach at Horace Mann, is accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with a female student who was 17years old at the time and a senior at Horace Mann during the 2005-06 school year and again, recently, when the former student returned to the area, according to a criminal complaint.
She numbered their sexual encounters at more than 70 and said the encounters occurred almost daily in Burman’s classroom during a period in which she was supposed to be in study hall, the complaint said.....The former student told detectives that she told Burman no when it came to “actual sex and intercourse” and that she performed oral sex on him outside of school only.
If you’re not used to noodling through the bad writing of modern “journalists,” at first blush those last two sentences seem contradictory. Or maybe they are, in which case it’s just bad reporting. What I got out of that was that they only engaged in, you know, heavy petting in the classroom. She waited until they were off school grounds to practice her Monica skills. The creep probably didn’t have to convince her it wasn’t sex.
Speaking of Monica, I’m not going to sit here and blame Bubba for the widespread acceptance among women under 25 of perhaps the greatest scam in history, the idea that gargling with a guy’s crank ain’t sex. I rather think he was just the most obvious example of a cultural shift that’s taken place. That and the fact that he had a vested interest in pretending it wasn’t sex, of course. All of you bubbleheads who have bought into that, ask a guy if he thinks it’s sex. It has to be a guy who knows that he has no chance of getting in your pants, though, otherwise he’ll just lie. Better yet, a guy who doesn’t want to get in your pants. You must have some gay friends. Ask them if they think blow jobs are sex.
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Is it a sign of our decline that I’m relieved the boys are in high school instead of middle school?
Posted by McGehee permalinkon 03/01 at 09:38 AM

Another blow against the Patriarchy.

Dan Collins permalinkon 03/01 at 09:41 AM

I always thought blow-jobs were MORE than sex. Like, sex-plus. Not something I was willing to do to just anyone. .
Basically, I had to really LOVE you to do that.
Posted by Carin permalinkon 03/01 at 10:43 AM

Haaaa, Carin, if you thought I wouldn’t let go of your comment at what’s-her-name’s last year, you’re really in for it now.

CraigC permalinkon 03/01 at 11:35 AM

I stand by it. BJ are sex-plus. At least the way I do it.
I would have NEVER done such a thing as teen. Or, even, until I was practically married.
Posted by Carin permalinkon 03/01 at 12:06 PM

Well when I say “sex” I mean intercourse but I’m old enough that I don’t see some big wide dividing between the two. In fact if you play your cards right, one often leads to the other depending on who the recipient is.
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EricP permalinkon 03/01 at 01:49 PM

Its only virtual sex.

lonetown permalinkon 03/01 at 04:48 PM

It’s more then a handshake.

papertiger permalinkon 03/01 at 06:31 PM

Who else knows a woman that was so good that she virtually ruined oral sex for the rest of your life?

The Lost Dog permalinkon 03/01 at 07:06 PM

God Dammit!
I was born 20 damn years too bloody late for the sexual revolution AND 20 damn years too bloody early for blowjobs to be the modern equivalent of a handshake at the end of a highschool date.
Ya know. When I die and have my chance to chat with God. He’s got some seriously frigging ‘splainin to do.
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Rather appropriate really.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Assets stripped

Well, here I am with nothing. I've given all my stuff away to Keith & Caroline. I get to use it but it is not mine anymore. Scots law allows me to do this so as to avoid any squabbling about who gets what when I no longer have need of it. Feels funny but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm quite impressed with the legal system here and, with my will, I can be sure now as to what will happen later.

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Scraping the barrel

The parlous state of the British armed forces is now well known. We would have trouble finding a couple of soldiers to man a recruiting stand.

What may now be so well known is that a bunch of in-the-dirt-squatting rag tag untrained militia men had dragged down the reserves of what might be the richest country on earth. Well, richest if the Chinese ease up on the money markets that is.

Check it out!

Just a little thing to relieve the tension of the working day. Stay with me - who knows what nuggets will appear?

Alien dreams

I do not know whether the report guested today tells me more about Canadian newspapers than it does about alien abduction. One thing that worries me about this whole UFO thing is that, despite the suggestion that they can produce and operate space craft, they always seem to abduct the sort of individual whom none of us would even sit next to on the bus.
Perhaps we need to provide bodyguards for people like Steven Hawking. Lord help us if the get him and suck out his vital spark. Whatever.

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Methinks the alien lady is in need of some hair treatment?

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Saved by the bell

I was scratching around this morning for a daily contribution to the blog. Politics and world affairs did not cause much of a blip in the sub-conscious. Then, along came good old Fred. So, in effort to educate those who may need it, he is today's Guest Blog. I commend him.

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Words of the Master.<

Monday, 26 February 2007

Reason in all things

Now, one would have thought that the assassination of a Government minister by a religious fanatic would have made some headlines here in UK. But no. Certainly I can find no trace of it in any UK-based media. There is a strong link to a recent hoo hah here about veils. The BBC has a monitoring service that is supposed to pick up on this sort of stuff.

Mind you, some people might use the event to illustrate just how dangerous is the world we are being pushed towards wouldn't they?

Not so common common sense

We used to see the headline"Victory for Common Sense" but that died away as common sense seemed to be no longer common to the world's population. Now, it seems we need to be drafting the eulogy.

Going to be a funny old sort of day

And, they are very welcome to him!!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

US plans for attacks in Iran

No - do not panic at this report. It is just that President Bush has been on the internet.

Read all about it

The disaster that is B.Liar and Iraq is very confusing. All the more reason to read such analysis that is available

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Like the article here

Hang him high - no, higher higher

Comparing our luckless Prime Minister to that figure of universal fun that was Comical Ali in Iraq during the last days of the initial battle may seem facile but it is well detailed here. The wheels seem to be coming off his chariot – about time too. Now we are hearing allegations that reinforce the very popular suspicion that the Government scientist Dr. Kelly did not die as the official inquiry concluded. This was an inquiry which forced aside the normal inquest procedure.

Still pending is the Cash for Honours inquiry. Pressure is building for an inquiry as to why we went to war in Iraq. The inquiry seems certain to run; what is not so fixed is a date. Many feel it should be as soon as possible before we become totally bogged down in the mire that is the war in Afghanistan.

The man has much to answer for. The performances of his wide-mouthed frog of a wife are the least of things.

Role models

The current fashion seems to be the denigration of youngsters. Chav and yobbo are epithets casually assigned. I do it myself.

That is why I was please to read about Lucia and her friends. Follow the link to her blog - you will be surprised at just how positive one person can be when facing cancer.