Friday, 1 December 2006

Your mileage may vary

We get reports from 'Back at Base' about how well the process is going of getting Iraqi troops and police to do their own dirty work. Bush says, and B.Liar yaps much the same, that we will not leave until they can look after themselves.

So, from the front line reports, it will be a hot night in winter before that state is achieved. If America is struggling with theivast resources, what hope do we have?

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Struggling to teach the unteachable

Priorities - follow on

I think/hope that I lack the meanness of spirit to fully agree with my Guest blogger but he does make a point I can understand. I hope he is mistaken but he does have history on his side.

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Just publicity to distract too much attention?

Offence monitor

Just to remind you what the various levels mean:
LOW Meaning - We are slightly miffed, although we are not sure why. We think we are not as popular as we would like to be.Non-Muslim response - Tread very carefully and do not offend usConsequence of non-compliance - We will get very cross and stamp our feet
GUARDED Meaning - We are quite offended, because people are generally picking on us.Non-Muslim response - Stop making jokes about usConsequence of non-compliance - We will rant on about "Islamophobia" and "Orientalism", although we don't understand what those words really mean
ELEVATED Meaning - We are definitely cross, because people keep blaming us for 9/11, Parisian cars getting torched, Saudi women getting stonedNon-Muslim response - Pretend that these things have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims, tell everyone how we brought algebra to 9th Century SpainConsequence of non-compliance - We will cause even more mayhem. Did you leave your car out in the street?
Meaning - We are extremely offended by a particular individual or countryNon-Muslim response - That individual or country must apologizeConsequence of non-compliance - Individual; Fatwa, assassination, or both. Country; Boycott (unless you export things the Saudi Royal Family are consumers of), and Saudi newspapers write a long string of boring and repetitive articles that you will never read but will drive Saudi readers to distraction.
SEVERE Meaning - We have had enough of your rudeness and ridicule and have gone completely ballisticNon-Muslim response - We demand that the Pope and President Bush go down on their knees and apologize personally for every rude thing that everyone has ever said about us over the last 1400 years, and promise that it won't happen againConsequence of non-compliance - We will cease the export of oil, therefore depriving the numerous Saudi Royal Family of all income, we will cease the import of all cars, tanks, airplanes (military and civil), computers, building technology, infrastructure and general professional expertise, and we will stop visiting Western fleshpots like the South of France, the USA, London..... Honest. We will. We really mean it this time. Just you wait. We really will. You better believe it. We're not kidding. We're telling you. Honest. Don't make us do it.....Anyway, we are now on....


Brown's new son has cystic fibrosis. Devastating news for any parent and it must be a double blow for them both after losing a child some while back. However, they are getting good treatment at an early stage which should postpone the day their son dies of his condition. It would be dreadful if they were forced to watch their child deteriorate in the face of medical assistance being withheld.

However, that situation is exactly what is happening to patients at the other end of the age spectrum. The committee which decides upon who gets what drugs and when they get them has ruled that the initial onset of Altzheimer's will not be treated with medication that can delay the progress of the condition. The practical result of this can only be that sufferers and their loved ones cannot hope for anything that assists in delaying the more distressing phases. And when they get to that dreaded situation, they may then be given drugs which hold them there. I can think of no more inhumane treatment.

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Read this

Yes - I know I said today was a rest day but ............ I was never one for resting anyway.

What dragged me out of my torpor was this item on a tough love scheme. I am sure any American readers know of this guy and he did come to London earlier this year. I can quite understand he was not impressed!

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Tough guy sheriff

No milk today thank you

Today has been declared an official rest and maintenance day

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Happy days - Afghan style

So, it's not enough that Iraq is going to Hell in a handcart. Now we have 'difficulties' in Afghanistan.
Bliar is asking for a bit more action from our nominal NATO allies down where the fit is hitting the shan whilst at the same time officials are saying that the Taliban have won and we should do some sort of deal with them. Whilst this is going on, we get the NATO Commander (speaking from the safety of the bunker under his desk in Belgium) saying what a wonderful job Pakistan is doing. I suppose that by comparison with the NATO troops, any sort of action seems wonderful – even inaction.
How the hell this can be called a coalition I know not. In the meantime, the troops at the sharp end carry on – underfunded, badly resourced, not appreciated.

Iraqi police and army capability

Seems that the left hand here is not speaking to the right hand. We have a optimistic view from one minister and a bit of a downer from another.
What is a poor child to do in sorting lies from spin?

Loss of a friend

Read this - I can vouch for it as I have been there.

Think I'll have to speak to Norma about the conditioner she uses in the wash. It's making my eyes run, nose run and causes a lump at the back of my throat.

Hello Hello Hello

Those who saw live TV coverage of the Hunt Ban protest outside the Houses of Parliament some two years ago can rest assured that it was all OK really. The frenzied and indiscriminate beating of demonstraters by police was all justified. The high proportion of head injuries was all in keeping with police using the training they had been given in baton twirling. Those who were beaten were engaged in something we viewers never saw.

Leastways, that is the opinion of the Independent Police Complaints Commission set up to look into the way police (over) reacted. I just wonder who is pulling their strings. We have had their 'findings' into the hapless Brazilian shot dead at the tube station, the case of the man shot dead when "armed" with a table leg and now this. One hears that the law is an ass (and there have been a few funny verdicts there recently) but the Commission is not just an ass but also a donkey and all those other words one might get from a thesaurus.

This sort of result just further widens the gulf between citizen and police officer. Once the perception spreads that the police are not accountable, sympathy is lost. Cooperation ceases. The police recently changed from being referred to as a "Force" to a "Service". What I saw on my television was very much the actions of a "Force". Equivalent to the worst excesses of the French Riot Squads dealing with African immigrants. "Service" such as I viewed would not attract any gratuity from me.

Work in progress

Next July, 7th to be exact, this photograph in it's Wedding Album will be fifty years old. So much for Good Times never last.
Intention is to get the family together at a big house for a week of 'togetherness'. Planning has started. House is booked. Grovelling appeal to head-teacher to allow absence of grand-daughter during term time. Many other things that are 'Top Secret' but which will add to the fun and games.
That's me on the right by the way!

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

And so it starts

Authority cannot stand for any risk that the great unwashed might rise above themselves and is always on the watch for unrest amongst the peons.

If I say something in a blog that is actionable, action me. Do not set up some nebulous barrage of concepts that do nothing to tell me what I may or may not do in language requiring M'Lud in his horsehair wig. I will not be cowed by concerns of should I say this or should I not. I am a sentient being. I have a conscience. I will use my voice.

Islamic Christmas

Doubtless, we will have the same politically correct deluge from those who think they know when it comes to showing any religious or socially-oriented reference to 25th December. Our Islamic friends might not like blah blah blah so we will ban it.

Here is a small foretaste of what one hotel in the - I assume - Islamic country of Dubai thinks about not upsetting people. My daughter is going on a business hospitality junket and I'll see just how many demonstraters turn out.


Just to balance my mentioning American police tactics, I include the IPCC report on the events around Westminster a couple of years ago.

I cannot find a video but I do have vivid memories of just how much the Met police lost it that day. Officers were lashing out wildly at anyone within range. They were leaning out full stretch over the barricades to strike people who were no threat but were pressed forward by the crowd behind them. The blows were unaimed - unaimed that is for what used to be the accepted striking points of shoulder and upper arm. This with the long baton and not the old short staff.

The fact that they have been cleared by their erst-while comrades on the Complaints Commission means nothing to me. I know what I saw. I know it was wrong. All police officers involved should thank their lucky stars.

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Take that!span>

End of world as we know it!!!!!

Oh - My God!

As if we do not have enough on our plate to worry about.

The NY Times was so worried it sent me this earth-shattering news.

I am desolate.

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Which way to the fall-out shelter?

It's all downhill from here

Just another comment on life abd the ways people invent to screw things up

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We don't allow that sort of thing here mate


I think I've mentioned that after some not very subtle bullying from Blogger Central, I switched to the new Blogger beta.

On the whole - satisfactory. We seem to have cleared out that bowel-freezing moment when one pushed 'Publish' and waited and waited and waited to see if the guys at BC were back from lunch to put the hard scripted words up in lights.

One change I think not for the better. With the spam-killing moderation of comments under the old system, I got an email telling me there was something to authorise. It does note up there are comments but in a rather quiet way on the Dashboard.

So, if you think I've taken against a comment when it has not appeared as swiftly as it should - fret not. It will. There are too few of you for me to risk getting anyone pished off.

Stay at Home John

The heady days of my swanning off to America in some luxury at the drop of a hat are gone.

Maybe just as well. The report I've guested seems to suggest that if the law does not get you - and I mean 'get you' some fifty times - then a 88 year old Annie Oakley will. I get the greatest amusement from contrasting how many police it took to kill the stag-party bridegroom to be with the Little Old Blue Rinsed Lady In Tennis Shoes who dropped three cops with a six shot revolver at night as they burst through her front door.

Flippant? Yes. If you took it seriously, one would have to cry.

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Knock Knock
Who's there?
Perlice who?
Perlice let us in

Monday, 27 November 2006

Reinstate Saddam

Well, looks as if someone has been reading my blog about how a revised Saddam may be the answer in Iraq. Don't quite know though about it appearing in the LA Times?

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Radical ideas sometimes pay off - don't they?

If only ...

I never got into Mexico.

Sounds like my kind of place.

Dear Old England

Here's a man who appreciates the joys of living in England. This stuff should be translated into many languages and made available at the places where refugees gather for their attempts to gain entry.

Happy 2007!

The King of Jordan warns that there could be three civil wars in the Middle East as we move into 2007. Whilst he does not yet have the gravitas of Hussein, he deserves attention. Jordanians are just as capable as any others in the region of going off the straight and narrow but he has steered his country well.

He sees the Palestine situation is key to peace in the Middle East. Even the most casual reader should be able to recognise this but one would have to be Superman to even begin to see where that solution lies. The leaders in Palestine seem unable to force any control on the extremists in their midst such that any agreement seems doomed even before the ink is dry on the paperwork.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Scientific basis for urban myth

Nice to know that a system that I am countless soldiers relied upon has a basis in science. We graded females by the number of pints one had to consume before finding her attractive. Many women were known as "20 pinters" and the identification and classification system could be extended as in "she is that 5 pinter daughter of the 20 pinter"

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Easy way to choose Miss World


Life is not as advertised


Whilst wandering around a large chemists shop yesterday I made a mis-turn and found myself deep in 'womens' things' country. I have no problem being there other than concern that some fascist female will challenge me as a pervert. So, as I was preparing to maintain my nonchalent attitude I came across a shelf of milk pumps - their words not mine. Illustrations on the box showed just how these were to be used for the extraction of milk from the lumpy bits newly-delivered women have. OK - no problem. As a kid of seven, I used to milk cows and know how painful things can get for them if a milking is delayed. What I was not really prepared for was the small section in amongst the pumps for - electrical models!

Now this did throw me. Electric milking came into the cowsheds I frequented when I was about ten years of age. I was allowed to supervise and remove the cups but attachment was a strict no go area. It required firm and precise application of cup to teat. Just how some poor female is to get this right in the confines of her boudoir is just outsid even my fertile imagination.

Progress! Where will it end?

P.S. In an attempt to answer my own question, I ran a Google search. I came up with this article which suggests that the electrical revolution has gained such a foothold that manual expression is back in the Dark Ages along with collecting mistletoe at midnight. So, my question now is "What else have I overlooked?"

Give it time - at what cost?

No secret that I do not see democracy ever getting to No 1 in Top of the Pops in Iraq. However, here is a suggestion that given time, it might happen.

My only concern is re the cost in lives and misery.

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Give democracy a chance to grow

Here come de Judge

The vagaries of justice are something that confuse many - me included.

So, here is a senior judge putting their side of the argument which makes things just so much clearer. Oh, it's pretty good use of the Queen's English as well which is nice to read after too much RUOKM8 stuff that gets around.

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The Judge speaks