Saturday, 11 April 2009

Casual day

We set off today to find a replacement armchair. Norma has killed hers; the seat bit is collapsed and, whilst it may be extra comfy, it looks scruffy. I had wanted a replacement club chair style and had checked out a few second hand dealers. Scarce and when I did find one it turned out that the design was not as accommodating as my memory had it. Next choice was a reclining thing with a foot extension. Comfort was the main selection criteria.

Fort Kinnaird is the home of furniture shops up this end of the world. My sought after style would be expensive if not closely supervised so we started off at the cheaper end of the market. Surprisingly, I found what I wanted at the otherwise despised DFS outlet. Electric with back recline and foot rest all included.  


We have to wait a bit as we want it in green leather rather than the black they hold as stock. It actually goes into far more recline mode – I felt as if I were about to give birth. This will be for me and Norma inherits the remaining armchair from the suite.

Of course, being at that end of the world we were not too far from our favourite foodie place and slid along there. No reservation but we are obviously known and a new table and seating arrangement was found and we were well ensconced.


Two defenceless bream were soon consumed. We did not have our usual server; a very bright and chirpy young woman with strangely dyed pinkish/red hair and the male alternative was not up to standard but the food (and gin and tonic) amply compensated.

Of course, the gin and tonic disqualified me from driving but did make me suitable for a long deep sleep all the way home.

So – nothing planned but a fine day indeed!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Home is the Hunter

I am conscious that I have been away from here for some while. No real reason behind not blogging; just I have had other things to do with the time I feel like spending at the console.

When we got the replacement car after my older car was written off by Farmer Giles, I decided to add a few bits. There are a number of places up here where one can only get patchy reception on a car radio so I decided to get a transmitter so that I could play my iPod through the radio. That was not a total success in that the adaptor for the iPod was not readily available – it was relatively aged. I had been looking at the Touch for a while and decided to change to that as my music resource.

The Touch is a wondrous machine and more or less took over my life. There are so many applications – many of them free. Loads to try and reject. Those kept had to be configured to best advantage.

Another planned improvement to the new car was a hands-free phone fitting. I got one that clips to the sun visor. Setting up that took a while. I got a new phone as the Treo was not holding a charge and had to be reserved purely for use with the sat nav. Choosing and setting up a new phone took a while.

So, that is where I have been and what has kept me away from here.

I’ll try and do better. But, the Touch keeps nudging me ……………