Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Fine Day Out

We went to the Royal Highland Show yesterday. First time attending such event for some while; we regularly used to do the Game Fair, The Kent, the Kilnsey and the Great Yorkshire Shows and occasionally the Scottish Game Fair. Norma likes the sheep; I like the bulls and the pigs. Fine food producers are out in force and free samples are everywhere so we go around opening and closing mouths like fish in a bowl.

Weather was fine. Sunny but with a few small clouds added to a breeze to keep it from getting too hot. The live stock was in fine order. We lasted about five hours before the aged feet gave up on us. As we were leaving, the Queen was just arriving and we had front row position as the motorcade passed us by. We waved – hope that made her day!

At events such as these, I always take along a helium-filled balloon which gets tied to the radio aerial so we can spot the car in the row upon serried row of cars. We saw our balloon well enough but it was tied to another car. Luckily I had noted other clues and we got home OK. Before driving off, I went back to the Ali Baba car and cast free the balloon. Hope they were there searching until midnight! Bastards – what a low trick was that?

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