Monday, 8 June 2009

No Blackshirts here

Considerable huffing and puffing about the BNP result. I cannot join in with the condemnation. Whilst I recognise that a leopard cannot change it's spots the BNP of today is far removed from that of just five years ago. They have laid out their policies. Have a look at these. Is there anything there that is so very threatening? If you were viewing these without any sight or mention of BNP, would you be repulsed? Every heading is a topic that regularly draws much discussion. Each item on that agenda is an important one that deserves the fullest possible airing. If I questioned main stream doorstep canvassers on their manifesto on these ideas, would they be so very different?
So, why are the mainstream parties so determined that these matters shall not be debated? Much is made of 'hate filled' policies. One has only to listen to PMQ on Wednesdays when the leaders of the Lib Dem and Conservative parties tear into the down and out PM to see and hear 'hate filled' performances. The current leaders of BNP are well aware that the old swastika-tattooed image and style does them no favours. They used to be their own worst enemies.
There are only two of them anyway. Not one single thing they say will ever be taken up - maybe only after another group has massaged it and removed the BNP association. They will be the grit in the oyster. Not very nice people with some not very nice ideas? The recent expenses revelations and events involving Members who 'go for walks' in the park late at night clarify that there are rogues in every party.
Whence the calls for banning them? As I understand it, they were elected in a democratic manner in exactly the same way as were representatives of those now seeking to disenfranchise BNP followers. If we can survive with former IRA killers as members, I am sure we can get by with two fat blokes.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Adding a touch of class?

Very reflective. I like this.

Flint tools

I wrote about Caroline Flint bemoaning the status she saw being given to her in Brown's Cabinet. To me, a very simple event. Woman spurned and all that.
I have just read the comments of someone far more erudite than I. It does change my opinion but it sure as hell makes a lot more of it. One might even think her action was in any way significant.
The vast acreage of forest being sacrificed to detailing all the ins and outs of what is going is shameful. Analysis of what, why and who serves little purpose. I can accept rational examination if it serves to illuminate ways ahead but so little of the blizzard of newsprint does that. I wish I could do it.