Saturday, 27 May 2006

Don't upset Blair

The Parliament Square protestor felt B Liar's hand on his collar the other day. I suppose that Toytown Tony will quote this as tough on crime blah blah blah. No shortage of police facilities when the little shit wants to get his way.

This one guy seems to be a better protestor than dear old Dave - still, I don't suppose they teach that sort of proletarian conduct at Eton. The only thing New Arbeit understands is getting down and dirty. If Dave cannot do it, we need to find someone who will.

Legal Aid payments

This looks like nice work if you can get it. Old Sachel Mouth is not mentioned but she won't be far behind these stars, I bet.

Life targets

Most likely need to read this more than once.

From Change of Heart by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche - Tibetan meditation master

"Ideally we would use our short time in the human realm to bring joy and happiness to each other's lives. This is love - the aspiration that others find happiness. The mere assertion that we should love each other has little value; we need to exemplify loving kindness. Recognizing that others need and want happiness just as we do, we concentrate increasingly on their wishes rather than our own. Expressing our love for those we hold close, as well as for those less familiar to us, can make a difference in our family and community and set an example for the next generation. We can practice selflessness very directly by bringing an altruistic motivation to all our relationships. Entering into a relationship in the hope that the other person will make us happy will produce a very different result than approaching it with the sincere desire to work for the other's well being. Depending on someone else for contentment makes it hard for a relationship to endure. Instead of expecting others to meet our needs, we should ask ourselves how we can best fulfill theirs.

If we are genuinely altruistic toward one another and constantly strive to meet each other's needs, the bonds between us cannot be broken. When we work for the happiness of others, they will come to value and respect us. Their appreciation will naturally translate into kindness and helpfulness toward others, as well as toward us."

Predictions - DIY

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"I can pass this guy."

B Liar - what's he good for? 4 and 3. F something A something

Sometimes, the seemingly moderate political commentary can be the most damaging.

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Put me down for a crossbow. Size large please

Say no more Squire! Nudge Nudge

Oh my Gawd

I trust that this report is not too strongly based on fact. The threatened action

It is claimed that jihad crazy Hamas is seeking the ability to attack Israel using small airplanes laden with explosives to be flown 9/11-style into important targets, possibly Tel Aviv skyscrapers, according to Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas' so-called military wing.

The IDF would have a field day. Once the aircraft were picked up on radar, any other aircraft anywhere near Israel would be blasted out of the sky. Homes of the air crew would be demolished. Trolley dollies driving home would be targetted and blown off the road. Duty free packages blown up by bomb disposal crews.

In short, what I am saying is, DO NOT DO THIS HAMAS!

Friday, 26 May 2006

Hutton Shmutton

There is a new initiative regarding the Hutton Inquiry - death of Dr Kelly - remember? Whilst the rabid element of B Liar opposition will never believe anything other than a full public admission that the report was a smudge, many otherwise reasonable people are expressing concern. Many of these are worried by the way it was set up and others cannot see how the findings were corroborated. The item I have linked sets out some of these concerns. Just this much is interesting (to me anyway) so the final write-up of the review is something to which I look forward.


I usually avoid these like the plague. Something about this one drew me in. Feel free........

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It comes from this guy and goes like this:

I am about as old as I want to be
I want to give it all up and live in Arizona
I wish I were still a soldier
I hate easily
I love solitude
I miss those of my friends and family who have died
I fear my dog wants my steak
I hear a lot of rubbish from the gummint
I wonder where and when it'll happen
I regret not being more positive a long long time ago
I am not and never have been
I dance secretly
I sing along with Willie Nelson
I cry at strange things
I am not always this introspective
I make with my hands rude noises
I write badly but confidently
I confuse most people I meet
I need love and adoration - like I get from my dog
I should get a move on
I start before other people
I finish when absolutely unavoidable
I tag anyone else who wants to play...

Come home Robin Hood

See that Nottingham has come out as top of something. Shame is it is crime. Wonder if it is chickens coming home to roost due to a bloke like this in charge of laura norder?


Nice to see that a bit of flirting with BNP has had a small pay-back for the good burghers of Dagenham and Barking. Toytown Tony's people have thrown in the NHS towel and done just what Maggy T. would have applauded.

Hello officer

There is no doubt that general public perception of the police is not what it used to be. There is little or no respect from either side and this comes at a time when considerable effort is being made to teach officers good human relationship skills. Against that background, here is a nice little essay from a special constable.


One would think that the sort of twisted brain that sends hate nail would be complex enough to know how things can be traced in this electronic age. The results of tracking-down the guy are impressive; he was in some significant positions.

Go Go Galloway!!

Perhaps he is not such a bad sort anyway?

Also see he has been to Cuba and glad-handed Castro. Doubtless soliciting (isn't that a nice word to use in his case?) donations of cigars to an appeal for some sick kid.


As a pensioner who has three in all - and an old person to boot - the pension discussions are all a bit of a non-event. I'll be dead or in the state home for the confused long before the new arrangements start to come in. I did think that someone with Toytown Tony's pension was a poor choice t advise us that the new scheme had drawbacks and was the best they could cobble up. B Liar does not have the worry of jam tomorrow - he and BMB (Big Mouthed Bitch) are jam-making as fast as they can right now. Yes - go on clever bastard - ask me how being on the gravy train lets them make jam!

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Here is a reasoned comment

Rather like the photograph of him in front of a whiteboard selling the benefit of £2 a week. Works for him right!

Here is a nice analysis

By "saving" in that headline they actually mean "tax" - another 7% (I think) tax on employment - or out of your wages - in return for a Government "promise" that they will look after you in your very old age.
So you will pay more tax, work for longer and some of it will come back to you as a state pension.

I'm not a licenced financial adviser and so can not give advice but if I were it would be don't trust the bastards, invest as much money as you can in your own pension provision which you control and has nothing to do with the government, or do you believe they are so wise and careful with your money that they can look after it better than you can do?
I can prod my pension fund with a stick and check it is still there every morning, and that is the way I like it.
Of course these strictures and advice doesn't apply to certain groups in society who will be feasting at the public pension trough at an age they can still enjoy it...

Thursday, 25 May 2006

High on a mountain top

The Kiwi climber who attracted great attention for being the first double amputee to climb Everest has seen the flip side of adulation. It now turns out that they did not do very much to assist a climber who was in physical collapse on his way down from the summit. I see some confusion here. His group did stop to assist and had a conference with their base camp but were advised to go on to the top. The guy left in a cave died. There has been the usual red herring about his being ill-prepared and reckless in climbing alone. In all, it is estimated that over 40 people went past him; most without even stopping.

I know that climbers are a strange breed who see things in very simple black and white terms. There was the climber who cut the rope that was supporting his colleague and left him to what might have been certain death. I would like to think that the dead climber knew what he was risking in the event of any difficulty - abandonment.

I ask you - is it fair?

The English (sorry Taff and Jock), have always had a reputation for being fair. In their dealings that is and not their complexion. Seems there are grounds we are losing it?

Is that a rat I see?

Whilst the law may have decided that her conduct was not indecent exposure, the thought of a 55 year old of either sex wandering about starkers is an exposure that is indecent.

I might change my mind if I were to win the lottery and move in alongside Sophia Loren.

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

9/11 Theories

I have just started reading one of the many books claiming that the events of 9/11 were in some way a US government conspiracy. The author sets his stall out in the first chapter by broadly outlining his lines of research. That was where I was when I put the light out but I remember thinking it was strange (to me) that bin Laden had apparently done nothing to muddy the waters. Then, this morning, I read New Osama bin Laden tape claim - World - Times Online
Almost a conspiracy theory in itself!
I found it impossible to keep up with the flood (or is avalanche better?) of publications immediately after 9/11. I read the Commission Report. This was drawn-up almost as a novel and seemed clear and authorative. As time passes, people find cracks in the casing and I would think that there is now as much against the 'official' verdict as there was in support.
Some of the internet summaries and reports I have heard regarding the theorists works lack only James Bond, tricked-out cars and beautiful nymphomaniacs.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Could do better

Does not need much from me.

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Tad long but worthy of study. I might ask questions!


My reader will know by now that Ihave a low opinion of politicians. The current lot at 10 Downing Street provide shame and comedy in roughly equal amounts. I have - mostly - regarded barristers as reasonable creatures in being but the barrister bitch at 10 DS breaks that regard and respect.

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She and her 'friends' are just so crass

Go and check this out.

I am that soldier. I am just so proud.

ARRSE is a forum that belongs to the British Army. It is very rude all of the time; rude in a sexual connotation and in a manners sense. The wit and humour is earthy and the insults ripe. There is a tremendous reserve of knowledge; military and general. The compassion is at times tear-jerking. It is what the Army is.

I know the author. She and I clashed when I put forward my concept of reverse apartheid which I employ to stop my old-man's attitude being too racist and prejudicial. I managed to explain things. I would like to think of her as a friend.


Don't know how many of you remember the tv show Taxi. Guest blog this time is from a guy who claims to be linked to the real Taxi story.

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Even if he is telling porkies, his writing has a faint Damon Runyon or O'Henry twist so worth reading anyway.

Monday, 22 May 2006

Thouight for longer than today

Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular,
the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others

Abraham Lincoln

Address to the Young Men’s Lyceum January 27, 1838

The position of America in the world today is such that even we who are not American must have trust in how the country is run. Their doings impact upon us all.

This is what our friends teach

This is a Saudi textbook. (After the intolerance was removed.)
I am not one to say that our way of doing things in England is the only way that should be tolerated. Likewise, whilst much of what is taught in, say, America is acceptable that does not mean it is for all to follow or accept.
However, I do feel that there is something wrong with a system that indoctrinates young kids into hatred. Much is spoken about the ties between the Coalition and Saudi. My attitude is that such a friendship with this sort of lesson in the background is akin to embracing someone who beats their wife, abuses their children and kicks dogs. Let us be honest - we and the Saudis are in bed with each other just for what each can get out of the other. That is another definition for prostitution. Those who engage in prostitution are whores.

Me - homophobic? As if!

Two male gay foster parents have been convicted of child abuse.

Doubtless some bleeding heart liberal will point out that there are just as many straight carers who are convicted of child abuse. I can accept that. I know what happens if you let the cat get into the canary's cage. That is why I keep cats away from canaries.

Consoling myself

It does not matter how confused I get in later life. Any Altzheimer sympton I display. What nonsense I might rage at the fading of the light. I will never be as mad as these guys

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They are just barking mad

Aims of life

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather, to skid in sideways, Champagne in one hand - chocolate covered strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'Woohoo - What a Ride!"

Hunter S. Thompson

Keep this somewhere handy where you can refer to it in moments of stress.

Waiting for Godot's duck

I am a little confused by something I came onto by accident. I cannot satisfy myself whether this is a mickey-take or the work of an extremely pious (US version) woman. Help me!

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Return to sender

What this guy says makes a lot of sense.

And, no, I am not saying that just to keep him away from my door in case he sees me as an English immigrant!


This report will doubtless become the focus for more Party political rumpus. It is critical but the matters it condemns (sale of peerages, cronyism and a few others) are hardly the most serious failings of the wretched crew gathering round 10 Downing Street like maritime rats looking for the Exit sign. So - someone gets a peerage in reward for a bung. So what? Just how much honour is there left in politics that the integrity of a rump really matters. Does a half-million baronet save a kid from being stabbed in the street? How many Dukes to tackle a drug dealer?

It is not freedom from sleaze that we need. It is positive action to deal with problems. Really deal with them - not just massage their existence away with Action Plans never implemented after funds are allocated.

Like a clock running down for want of winding

It seems my country is slowly running down. Idiocy and inefficiency lead to situations where even our wooden headed bosses perceive a problem. Then, instead of identifying the root cause why something has stopped working after years of existence, they come up with some - their word - "innovative" way of rejigging things. With the use of much new-speak language - all is wonderful darling. Sort of 'this guy is infectious. Take him away and look after him till he dies. Ah - infection rates have been lowered'. Saves all the bother of what infection and how gained and how cured.

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This could be the shape of things to come in the NHS. One is tempted to say What Nation, What Health and What Service?. I especially like the concept that things can be done at home so why have hospitals for anything other than critical cases? For years I have been making the point that in 3rd World countries mothers give birth in ditches and go straight on with their back-breaking work - so why do we need maternity units? I trust I am away up the Golden Stairs (or down the shitty slide maybe?) before I am left in my unserviced home waiting for a nurse who does not come.

End of an era?

The bit below is from the Daily Mail.

It is a well observed piece of reporting - short and sweet one might say. I had the pleasure of working in a very very small way with General Jackson when he was a much less senior person. His personality and style comes across well. His nickname amongst troops is The Prince of Darkness.

I have no experience of modern day soldiering. Hearts and minds was a new concept when I served. It was most often used as in "grab them by the testicles; hearts and minds will follow". I make no apology for any involvement I may have had in that style of assisting the civil powers any more than a gladiator would about killing a lion in the arena. Generally, my opponent was out to kill me and I cannot really appreciate the modern attitude where it seems I must appreciate this as understandable given their situation.

It will be a sad day when we lose the last of General Jackson's cohorts.

One of the British contingent explains that civilians and soldiers react differently to casualties. Civilians want something to be done, some redress, endless discussion. The army has ritual and the often silent, closed sympathy among a band of brothers. Then it 'cracks on'. Lieutenant Colonel Richard Eaton explains that there is a huge cultural divide. In England we say that the war is going badly so the troops must come out. In Basra, the army says that this is a dangerous and decisive period, so it must finish the job. Casualties are borne: 'There is no numerical limit to what we are prepared to take,' he says. 'The 100th fatality was not a watershed for us. We are staying here until we are finished. It is not that you ever leave the losses behind you; the person who was sleeping beside you isn't there any more and these blokes are in it together. It is regimental. It is family. But you deal with it.'

These are the conditions in which General Sir Mike Jackson, or CGS — Chief of the General Staff — as his staff call him, arrives for his final visit to Iraq. He is 62, and when he retires at the end of the summer, this place will be his legacy. It is not surprising then that he has the look of Aslan about him — a head apparently carved from a mountain, lake-grey eyes and the voice of Michael Gambon. He may be one of the last fighting soldiers to lead the British Army.

The public have lost the stomach for war after the fraud of Iraq, and the risk-free, rights-based litigious Labour culture has little sympathy for the armed forces.

CGS may be the last of his kind,' says Brigadier Simon Mayall, who takes over in September as deputy commander in Baghdad.
'Behind him will come people like me, who are much more aware of the politics. There will be managers and moneymen. He comes from a different era — uncompromised. 'He drinks too much and smokes too much. He skis off piste. Soldiering is an affair of the heart and he understands this.' Soldiers pride themselves on being part of an army that is apolitical but not amoral.