Friday, 13 February 2009


I have to admit I have lost track of what the heck that place is all about and just what might get us out of the country.

So, here is a primer. Long but seems to cover all bases. Short version by my précis? Walk away and let them sort themselves out. If they come into the world of me and mine - terminate them like vermin.

Virgin Atlantic - job losses

It is getting hard out there.

Virgin Atlantic has announced quite hefty job lay-offs.

So, these lovelies will just have to march on all the way to the Job Centre.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ancient times

It all looks so simple doesn't it?

The clever bit is the woman deciding to use these techniques. She reacts very quickly and I would doubt her success were the man to follow up on his initial attack. And, if you liked that, here is another one.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bank bonus concerns kicked into touch

A football manager is sacked because his team are not performing. Sacked. It now seems he is in line for £15 million compensation. He has been in post for seven months at an alleged £6.25 million a year.

Make some of those high flown bankers as sick as a parrot Brian?

The cost of cheap goods

Many have commented upon the results of the financial situation where imported Chinese goods are concerned. Having had some exposure to the Chinese way of doing things, I tried not to buy their stuff anyway as I was quite accepting of the allegations of poor working conditions.

Seems I was right. And I have no sympathy.

But, there is a solution.

Monday, 9 February 2009

The Invisible Man

I have written here and elsewhere of where I think the Conservative party is giving the Government an easy ride. By not being condemnatory and confrontational, they are allowing them to retain power and thereby increase the damage they are doing to the country. Damage that will take years to pay off and could well turn us into a two and a half world power.

So, nice to read a similar pov.

Bird brain

No longer a derogatory term I think?


A 15-year-old boy is to be reported over the discovery of a massive cannabis factory worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, police said after officers uncovered about 800 plants worth an estimated £240,000 after a raid on the secret plantation in Shore Road, Cove, near Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, on Wednesday.

Strathclyde Police said the teenager would be referred to the Children's Reporter in connection with the discovery.

15 year old? Well, no educational qualifications then. He'll never be good at anything will he? Suppose he could take up farming.

Extending their grip

So, as well as things like c.difficile in the wards, we will now have salmonella available in Reception?

NHS launching new chain of cafes

Cafes at hospitals across Scotland could be run by the NHS, officials have claimed. Four cafes under the "Aroma" brand are to be opened by the NHS in Glasgow hospitals and two more will be opened in the Highlands.

If successful the idea will be spread out across Scotland.

The plan was disclosed when public health minister Shona Robison opened the first of the Glasgow cafes at the city's Royal Infirmary. All profits made by the cafes will be reinvested in the NHS and they will be staffed by NHS employees.

The cafes are being opened as contracts expire for existing cafes run by outside bodies. The "Aroma" cafes will boast of 50% of products having lower fat, sugar and salt, healthy recipes, and ethically-sourced coffee.

Ms Robison said: "It is important that the NHS takes the lead in making it easier for staff, visitors and patients to enjoy affordable, high quality and healthier foods."

She went on: "Run by the NHS for the NHS, these cafés will put profits straight back into hospitals, benefiting patient care and, in many cases, creating new NHS jobs."

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde chairman Andrew Robertson said: "We are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to drive up standards while at the same time ensure good value for the NHS - Aroma achieves both."

The excellent Borders General Hospital that covers our area has a WRVS kiosk-sort of thing and it does a good job as well as giving them some income. Margins in alcohol-restricted cafe are small and the NHS does not have a good name in management terms. By the time they have appointed a handful of local managers, assistant managers, supervisors and assistant supervisors there will be damn all profit left. In addition, the diet Nazis will be determining what we can and cannot eat; this likely to drag down the customer figures.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Golliwogs and things

The Thatcher woman's treatment after her use - off air - of the golliwog word still draws a lot of comment. This is mainly focused on the clear inequality of the way she was treated as compared to Jonathan Ross and his colleague together with similar incidents where they (mis)performed on air. Now Clarkson is in the frame for his attack on Brown.
This is all fine stuff for the potential chip wrappings but I see a wider concern. For me anyway. Where are we going with this censorship stuff? I was listening to a radio programme this morning. Christine Hamilton, that paragon of all virtues and Jane Goody of her generation, said that use of the word was offensive on the grounds that some found it offensive. I find her offensive - will that keep her out of the media eye? Apparently, there are some who find the word 'pig' upsetting. Even the image has been debated. So - are we to avoid it completely? Where does this end. Just how many need to object if we are to apply democracy to a banning? The problem was even highlighted in the very same programme by the very next contributor. This was Bob Crow, a trade unionist of some repute. He was talking about the financial situation as it was causing the closure of working mens' clubs. I homed in on this - working men. What was that about? What happened to matters of gender and inclusiveness? Do women not work? The last time I was in a working mens' club (for a leek-show just to set things right) it struck me as about as female friendly as the Members Lounge of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club. Of course - my questions are merely for illustration. If someone so much in touch with the proletariat as Crow does these things, how do the rest of us determine, in advance of putting mouth into gear, what will be offensive or what will get by?
Little tale to go in here. The word 'wog' was widely used by the great unwashed of Her Majesty's Army. It appeared in written orders of a regiment based in Aden and firm and threatening orders went out that it was totally and completely banned. Centuries of tradition written off by the stroke of a pen. However, within hours and without any discernible author, the word 'golly' spread through all the brown jobs and - sure enough - 'wog' was never heard again. It was not needed.
I have to add the Governor of Hong Kong. Sir Murray MacLeHose's arrival was greeted by the Army with an issue of a document detailing how his name was to be spelled, pronounced and used. Within, again, hours he was known right down to the thickest private as 'Jock the Sock'