Monday, 26 May 2008

I correspond with a friend that I have never met face to face. She is an outed Lesbian. Ordained some three years ago. Our main topics are that I will suggest the foundation for a sermon or she will ask for Devils Advocate services on something she has written.
I was replying to something yesterday that involved use of the word 'busy'. Some five or six times in about 100 words. Spell-checked it all OK but gave it a final read-through before pressing the Send button.
In every case where I meant 'busy', I had typed 'bust'. Obviously Freud and his mistakes are still with us. Whilst she is very good and understands and accepts my forthright views, I cannot help but think that this would have been a step too far.
I thought that my standard reverse-apartheid protection was all powerful but my proof-reading will have to move up a notch or two.