Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Knock Knock Game

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Police door knock call rejected

Prosecutors called for the bail condition at Perth Sheriff Court
Prosecutors have failed in a bid to make a suspect guilty of a crime if they do not answer the door when police officers knock on it.
The Crown tried to make the issue a special bail condition at Perth Sheriff Court for James Mullen, 37, who is accused of breaching a curfew order.
If imposed, the condition would have left Mr Mullen guilty of an offence had he failed to answer his door to police.
Refusing the request, Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said: "It's a new one on me."
When Mr Mullen's defence agent requested his client be freed on bail, fiscal depute Janine Bates said she had no objection as long as the terms were imposed.
She told the court: "The Crown do not oppose bail, with two special conditions - that he is placed on a curfew and that he is to answer the door if police knock on it."
Standard condition
Mr Mullen's solicitor, Paul Ralph, said: "We have no objection to the curfew condition, but I'm not sure about the answering the door condition.
"If he doesn't answer the door then the Crown would be entitled to make certain presumptions anyway."
Sheriff Foulis asked what the reason for the condition was and how it would be applied in practical terms.
Ms Bates said: "It just seems to be a standard condition we ask for now."
However, the sheriff replied: "It's a new one on me and I am not making it a condition of bail."
He granted bail for Mr Mullen, on the condition that he remains within his home at St Catherine's Square, Perth, from 0700 to 1900 each evening.
He denies a charge of breaching a curfew imposed on 24 September this year by being out in Perth on 20 October. He faces a trial in December.

Images of war and death

very chilling photographs from a independent reporter.
I am not too sure about this level of disclosure of what goes on. I have seen what high explosive does to human tissue and when I hear that x people were killed by a suicide bomber I have no need to see what it was like. I cannot see what it would add to anyone who has had a more sheltered life; wanting to view photographs as included in this guy's blog strikes me as in some way sick or disturbed. A morbid curiosity.
The other aspect is that these might be seen by someone who has a husband or son in a war zone. They can do nothing but add to the apprehension and concern. Another opinion is that, s
adly, the populace, in general, have become desensitised to images of dead and dismembered, thanks in part to gory video games, films and such like. A great many people find it hard to relate the real images to reality, as opposed to the special effects that are so often used in entertainment.
A common criticism or argument used about the violence so prevalent in society is this de-sensitisation, and the fact that young people have difficulty in distinguishing between what is real and what is not. Think of the war in Vietnam which also illustrates a counter argument for showing these images. The intrusion by the nightly news into the comfortable life of Americans and the regular film of body bags, wounded and dying soldiers was credited with eroding the will of the people, and congress over the war. This was, in effect, the first war fought in the full glare of the media spotlight, thanks to the modernisation of broadcasting techniques and technical advancements, and the images in full colour and sound had the effect of destroying the myths that had previously surrounded the forces fighting abilities. No doubt at all, it is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is to the benefit of the coalition to show their successes, but detrimental to show the dead and wounded from our own side.
If not sure you want to explore the post, try yourself on the image at the start of this post. If it offends or disturbs, don't hit the link.

Undercover soldier

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Monday, 20 October 2008

Pet Care

Over half of the UK population has legitimate concerns about what will happen to their pets after the Rapture occurs.
+ + + + + + + +
"For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. (No way.) For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout (lemme hear it, Big Ern!), with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the cloud to meet the Lord in the air." (And he throws down a tremendous dunk, to the cheering of the crowd.)
Have you ever thought about what will happen to your pets after Jesus comes back to claim the souls of the saved during the Rapture and deliver them to heaven to enjoy everlasting life? The Bible teaches that only those who have accepted Jesus as their savior will be risin', and we all know that pets do not have the cognitive ability to do this. So what will happen to your beloved pets? Without you there, they'll be stuck in an empty house, starving to death.....no one to feed them.....no one to clean their litter tray.....or rub their tummy.
This is not what you envision for your pets after you are gone. This is where I come in. As an atheist I'll still be here post-Rapture, and I would love to look after your pets for a small fee, and make sure they are still well taken care of after you and your family have been Raptured. You will be able to look down on them from heaven and see them being cared for by me and living happily.
For a small fee of £500*, you can be assured that your pets will be well-cared-for from the time that you are Raptured until the end of their natural life. Just think: Jesus might be a pet hater, and there might be a lot of pets who are abandoned. Hoo boy, you don't want that.
Please eMail me for my Pay (and Pay) Pal Address so you can assure your pets will be taken care of after Jesus comes with his Rapture deal.

Kent police - the finest of the fine

Detectives investigating the murder of a man who was shot dead in his bed have urged witnesses to contact them.
The 51-year-old victim of the shooting at Medina Road, Ditton, near Aylesford, on Friday has been formally identified as Danny King, also known as Shep.
A mobile police station is on The Green, off Medina Road to encourage residents to speak to officers.

Just exactly what do they suspect? Chummy in his bedroom with a couple of hundred of his best mates all gathering socially as one does in Ditton and some bstard comes in and dots him?

Suicide - helpers may face charges

The parents of the former rugby player who helped him get to the Digitas group may have to face charges after the case has been referred to the CPS.

The case of a rugby player who died in a Swiss assisted suicide clinic is to be referred to the complex case unit of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Daniel James, 23, from Worcester, was paralysed when he suffered a collapsed spine in a training session at Nuneaton Rugby Club, Warwickshire in 2007.
Police are investigating after he died in Switzerland on 12 September.
Lawyers are to decide if anyone should face charges over Mr James's death. A man and a woman have been interviewed.

This was almost inevitable after a woman petitioned the legal authorities for a definitive statement as to what would happen to her husband if he assisted her on a similar journey. There had been other cases where husbands assisted and no action was taken. The request for confirmation of what could be done only awakened sleeping dogs who should have been left to lie.

I am sure that if I were to be involved in such a predicament, the law would take a back seat and be none of my considerations. The thing to hope for is that CPS will dump this referral; the stress of being questioned as to their final journey with their son would be unbearable.

Seems obvious to me!

I quite believe what she proclaims on her T-shirt. Or is it a RSTUVW-shirt?

Please Daddy, can I have one of those?

I have just seen details of a new terminal at Dubai. A fantastic creation. If Gordon Brown does embrace the Malthusian solution of massive public works to get out of the depression, we could have something like this in the Thames estuary. Hopefully like Dubai and not like the horrendous embarrassment of Terminal Five HR.

Wish list

Details are just reaching us (well, me anyway) of the new air terminal at Dubai.

Gordon Brown seems to have adopted the Malthusian idea of spending his way out of the depression. Perhaps we could have something like this out in the Thames estuary but without the drama and cock-ups of Terminal 5 HR.

Can we be sure about this Nurse?

Doctors are being given tips to help them diagnose when someone is dead. Although a patient coming back from the dead is rare, there is enough ambiguity in diagnosing death that doctors need guidance, experts have decided.

There have been instances when people exposed to extreme cold have been presumed dead but have later shown signs of life again when their core body temperature has risen again. Sedative drugs can also make a person appear to be dead when they are not. A spokesperson said "Diagnosing death in whatever circumstances is a sensitive issue, which comes at a very distressing time for everyone"

I think, excuse the pun, I could live with the chance of a mistake - after all, there are times when even I think I am dead. What I would insist upon though is some degree of certainty before plunging the scalpel into me to start a post-mortem. I have seen enough of those to know I would not want to be there when it happens to me.


Yes - I like children.

Don't think I could manage a whole one though?
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What a garden


Just got around to playing with some of the photographs from last years holiday. The West Coast of Scotland is a superb place - if only they could exterminate those damned midges!
Click on the picture for a larger view
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Health & Safety Rules OK!

"I don't care what the Prior thinks about his well. Holy Water indeed - not by the H & S rules - it is not for human consumption"
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Stylish dogs

Two different styles of sporting dogs. At the top, my Labrador Sheba. She spotted the mole on the surface and has stuck her nose down the hole.
The lower dog is my German shorthair pointer. She has spotted a mole and is showing me where it is. The next stage would be either me telling her to leave (ignore the prey) or a tst tst through my teeth which would tell her to move in and flush the animal for me to shoot. Not that I shoot nowadays anyway.
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Nice idea


This is a small shot from the Frankfurt week-end when we visited for my son's wedding. The wedding breakfast people had been told there would be two children in the group. So, they put pencils and drawing papers at one end of the table. Something to keep the perishers amused and also, discreetly, placing them away from the adults other than their parents. It worked well but they were good kids anyway.
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