Saturday, 9 December 2006

Democracy rules - OK

This is the sort of thing that deserves support. Good old agitprop!

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Demonstrate legally

Free Hugs

On my own admission, I go down as a miserable old bugger. However, there is something about the Free Hugs - what is it? Campaign, Movement, Party, Whatever. I don't even know why it impresses me but I'd be happy to give or get a Free Hug. Just follow even some of the links - especially the UTube ones and you might see where it could, just possibly, be doing something good.
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The Free Hugs story starts here. Check out the links

Times they are a'changing

The general publics' attitude towards those members of the armed forces serving in dangerous places seems ambivalent. This may seem illogical. An article in today's Daily Telegraph has a good try at explaining why this should be.

Now here it is - Merry Whatmas

My daughter is currently on a Corporate freeby in Dubai. Shows the benefit of getting an educashan. She is staying at the top hotel there. We were talking about the place and she mentioned that the hotel's Christmas programme is massive. It will be fully celebrated as Christmas and not as some nebulous holiday such as Winterval or some such so as to avoid offending those with a non-Christian faith. In addition, all of the shopping malls are decorated for Christmas – again by name.

So, this just increases my annoyance at the sort of measures that various authorities and organisations are taking here in Great Britain to avoid the dread word and concept of Christmas. It is ignorance that leads them to do it but it is a festering sore and B'liar would be better employed imposing some of his talents for instant legislation if he were to stop this sort of rubbish.

Friday, 8 December 2006

Men of Principle or Blind Mans Bluff?

Every day, there is more and more reasoned debate on things in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems that at times, there is no other topic beyond where do we go now or what do we do next? The government of other things must be on hold when the elected leaders are so fixated on these two arena.

So, are they principled or lost in the maze?

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Just another in volumes of the same

Way to go

The results of the study group as presented to POTUS Bush seem to attract little criticism thus far.

So, why is it that I find it to be based upon events that I cannot see as ever getting off the ground, still less proceed to any result. To invite discussion with Iran and Syria over the future shape of Iraq seems doomed to fail. They will insist upon concessions that our side cannot meet. Syria will want Golan Heights reclamation at the very least. Iran has a list of 'wants' where even a choice of runners would take far longer than we have in face of the rapidly deterioration situation in Iraq.

The Palestine/Israel situation will always put a total knock-down on anything being resolved in Middle Eastern strategy.

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Don't believe me? Just read what this guy has to say.

Tiny minds

Just now and again I come across something on the web that stops me dead in my tracks. I think I am quite blase and at ease with the wonders of science. Having seen those early computers that took up the space of a detached house to do something now included in my cell phone, I take development in my stride.

Or, so Ithought until I read this blog from my muse Gemmak. I have spent a heck of a long time just gazing at this and following one little blob. I keep coming back to it; I am sure half the hits on her counter are mine. I marvel at anyone coming up in the first place with the idea of creating this and stand in awe at what it must have taken in time and buttock-clenching tension to get it right.

Only shadow of doubt. What if the individual who did this decided to go crook? That is enough to postpone my internet banking for another year.

Thanks to Jane for posting this.

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Now I know why I am sleeping better

Something that has impinged deeply into my everyday life has been dealt with. Today is the first day of the rest of my life (who was it who used to say that? Some hippy, mantra-chanting mob?)

"The BBC reports that Dr. James Anderson, of the University of Reading, has finally conquered the problem of dividing by zero. His new number, which he calls "nullity" solves the 1200 year old problem that niether Newton nor Pythagoras could solve, the problem of zero to the zero power. Story features video (Real Player only) of Dr. Anderson explaining the "simple" concept."

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

iPod Moments

I have an iPod

I use my iPod a lot

I have most of the accessories for my iPod

I WILL not be getting ALL the accessories!

When the time comes

Just shows that one had better live the life one is dealt - never know how it is going to end up.

Blog censorship

I tried to draw attention to a politically-inspired hint of blog censorship. Not a very good idea I reckon but this lady has come up with her opinions that are very valid.

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Cleaning up after the bloggers

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Messing about with the NHS

The Wizard Of Con is at it again. Here he uses two reports to announce changes in the NHS. Just how many of the 'driven-past' hospitals have spent how much in upgrading facilities that will now be ignored? Concentrating resources in a few hi-tech locations may be outwardly sensible but there is the 'all eggs in one basket' syndrome. MRSA, union problems and local utilities can put a expensive and dedicated site out of use very quickly. One of the strengths of the last Christmas Rush on intensive care units was the ability to shuttle patients around from receiving hospital to one which had bed space available.
In addition, there is the perfidy angle of this gubmint. Very soon, they will produce their usual slanted statistics 'clearly showing' that the driven-past hospitals really do very little and can be closed. They will need to do something to find a saving that will permit their desired 66% pay rise for those democratically elected to serve the populace. Yeah – tell me about it.

Two reports by government advisors, Sir George Alberti and Professor Roger Boyle, published today, both conclude that traditional A&E departments are not the only option when dealing with life-and-death situations. Professor Boyle, the national clinical director for heart disease, found that specialist centres providing hi-tech treatment, which may be further away for the patient, could save an estimated 500 lives of people suffering heart attacks.

These could help prevent 1,000 further heart attacks and result in 1,000 more stroke victims avoiding death and disability each year.
His colleague, Sir George Alberti, the national clinical director for emergency care, also said there should be fewer hospitals trying to do everything, and "more convenient and appropriate care closer to home" for people with less serious conditions. Mr Blair described the reports as a "compelling and vivid account" of ongoing hospital reforms.

A separate report by the left-of-centre thinktank, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), argues that campaigns to save services at local hospitals could cost as many as 1,000 unnecessary deaths a year.
The thinktank, which is close to Downing Street, says patients with heart attacks or severe injuries are more likely to survive if the ambulance takes them past their local district general hospital to a more distant specialist centre.
It says that the expensive and complex treatments and highly-trained staff needed to deal with these emergencies in the most effective way would be better concentrated at regional specialist centres, rather than spread more thinly around local facilities.

Smile - you're on camera. Maybe

CCTV was introduced whilst I was engaged in commercial management. My security background meant that I was always suspicious when the salesmen came calling at my door. Insurance requirements usually meant that we had to install them but the surveyor had to convince me when he produced his solution. I can think of some four situations where we had cause to refer to the tapes and only once did we get anything that could be of use in the investigation.

So, it is interesting to see what a 'proper' policeman has to say a number of years after my Philistine attitude to the damned things.

Mind you, we did have some fun with one particular camera. It overlooked a rear doorway that, at night, was used as a place of work for the local prostitutes. The battle I had over that one was in resisting provision of a loud speaker so that my guards could award points for technique and performance.


It is normal for immense hospitality to be shown to visiting police-officers from another country.

However, I reckon that the British officers now in Russian will look askance at any suggestion they have a night out which includes a cosy supper in a sushi bar?

Oh doctor I'm in trouble

Guesting today is a doctor working for the NHS. Seems he does not quite find the NHS hype living up to the actuailty.

Still, I should worry - I've got my Do Not Resuscitate tag around my neck and the 'no artificial feeding or rehydration' note on my documents so I should not cause them too much bother.

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It is not an easy life

Good news is no news

When much of what the MSM carries is doom and gloom in Iraq, it seems that there are some good things going on. I suppose it is the old adage that good news does not sell papers but one would have thought that when there is activity to crow about, someone would have picked it up.

The other thing the article suggests is that there was a targetted, intelligence-led, offensive. This sort of work taken time and patience but can yield impressive results.

Monday, 4 December 2006

A newer view

The blogger here, sounds a little despondent and fed-up. Up until my last lot of The Black Dog depression, I had similar doubts and ideas. The danger is that in many ways, it can be comfortable to relax and let karma wash over one. As a retiree, it is even easier as attitudes can be indulged in ways that would have led to big problems whilst a wage slave.

I reasoned that just a few years back, I would have been moving heaven and earth to get out of acceptance and it was unhealthy not to do so.

If the cap fits - wear it. It may help YOU

Oh to be in Scotland

Living up here in Scotland, there are many benefits. I came here because I liked the place (and those bits of nearby England) but thought that devolution would lead on to full independence. It may yet.

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What I mean by benefits

Can Johnny come out to play?

Thank the Lord that my children are long past grown up status and that the grand-children are all teenagers and more. Were I to have to live in the atmosphere as described in the guest contribution, confrontations would be a daily event.

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Children of today don't know they're .......

Santa soldiers

Just got back from sending off a few parcels to our troops out in Iraq. The gubmint has dropped all defences and is transporting parcels free of charge. Free that is so long as each one does not exceed 2 kilograms in weight and is within a standard size. I had to have two bites at the cherry as the first parcel was well in excess of the permitted weight. Finally beat the red tape by sending three packages.

I cannot understand the weight limit bit. Where is the difference between 100 parcels weighing a total of 400 pounds and 50 parcels weighing 400 pounds? Obviously, there is a risk that some nut will try and send a bloody big box weighing 50 kilos but I cannot think so. The factor is the transport of freight totalling 400 pounds; how that total is packed must be immaterial. Maybe the weight per box is limited just to ensure fairness when the parcel staff play the "let's see how far we can kick the parcel" game?

My other query is, do they weigh the body bag when they send home the soldiers killed in the politicians' stupid war?

Comment on our times

I can understand what the poster of this "Secrets" message was getting at.

When I compare the sort of thing I see described as "kicks" today with the fun and games I enjoyed as a young person, I can understand the frustration that may lie at the bottom of some of the modern age's antics.

As the man sings

"I'd trade all of my 'tomorrows' for just one 'yesterday'.

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Name changed for your protection

I see that this is entitled as being a blog to protect bloggers

Very advanced - I see they blog in code.

Castro party

This is a crowd shot at the party organised to mark Castro's birtheday.
Bet they all went home and claimed that they had had a jolly good time.
The man himself did not show at any of the events held to mark the occasion.
But then, if I were an absolute dictator, I'd choose a dark-skinned cigar roller and a few of her best efforts over some rave up such as the one these people seem to be at.