Saturday, 9 December 2006

Now here it is - Merry Whatmas

My daughter is currently on a Corporate freeby in Dubai. Shows the benefit of getting an educashan. She is staying at the top hotel there. We were talking about the place and she mentioned that the hotel's Christmas programme is massive. It will be fully celebrated as Christmas and not as some nebulous holiday such as Winterval or some such so as to avoid offending those with a non-Christian faith. In addition, all of the shopping malls are decorated for Christmas – again by name.

So, this just increases my annoyance at the sort of measures that various authorities and organisations are taking here in Great Britain to avoid the dread word and concept of Christmas. It is ignorance that leads them to do it but it is a festering sore and B'liar would be better employed imposing some of his talents for instant legislation if he were to stop this sort of rubbish.

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