Friday, 8 December 2006

Tiny minds

Just now and again I come across something on the web that stops me dead in my tracks. I think I am quite blase and at ease with the wonders of science. Having seen those early computers that took up the space of a detached house to do something now included in my cell phone, I take development in my stride.

Or, so Ithought until I read this blog from my muse Gemmak. I have spent a heck of a long time just gazing at this and following one little blob. I keep coming back to it; I am sure half the hits on her counter are mine. I marvel at anyone coming up in the first place with the idea of creating this and stand in awe at what it must have taken in time and buttock-clenching tension to get it right.

Only shadow of doubt. What if the individual who did this decided to go crook? That is enough to postpone my internet banking for another year.

Thanks to Jane for posting this.

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