Thursday, 7 February 2008

Who luvs yer Baby?

I know this took place in Italy but, Lord Almighty, it is seriously bad thinking and maybe even bad law.
A 34-year old Italian man who had sex with a 13-year-old girl has had his sentence cut by a third because a court decided there was "real love" between the pair.
Antonio de Pascale, a butcher from Vicenza, admitted that he had a four-month long relationship with the girl, who sent him a stream of torrid text messages on his mobile phone.
His lawyers argued, however, that there was a "deep tenderness" between him and the girl and that he had "fallen head over heels in love" after a sexual encounter in his car. They said the girl had consented to every action.
I stand firm that any male of 34 will have sufficient worldy experience to groom any 13 year old female. He has the ability to make her believe that black is white such that she would consent to anything. I can remember a number of occasions in my late teens where I talked my way into such relationships with girls of my own age. It was not very difficult. Any stubborness was inevitably overcome with a visit to the theatre to see Carousel.
Where I feel the law has been directly thwarted comes from "deep tenderness" between him and the girl and that he had "fallen head over heels in love" after a sexual encounter in his car. So, he did not have the in love excuse until after the first offence. He should have been charged with that. His style and morality is really summed up there; a sexual act with a underage child in the back of a car. The locals knew what to do with Mussolini - why cannot this guy, rope, and lamp post all meet in the one place at the one time?

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

My honourable friend

Day by day it seems we read and hear more about the life and work style or the mass of walking excreta that is our government. We started off with them wanting to award themselves pay rises well above any known criteria of inflation. This whilst pushing the agenda of minimal rises for all others. Then came Rent A Relative stories. The leader who made much of his condemnation then had to admit he was personally employing a relative by marriage. Not paid from his allowances said he but by Tory central office. What an amazing coincidence that the best woman for the job turned out as his sister-in-law. A party that makes much of giving 'right images' and politically correct action is unable to see just how the rest of us turned away from the trough would see such a happenstance.
Then it came out that it was considered infra-dig for them to support expense claims with any form of receipt or other documentation. Add on that many of them claimed up to within a pound or two or the maximum allowed amount. Those of us who had faced the modern day Spanish Inquisition of internal audit departments felt that almost superhuman integrity was required to claim - let us say correctly -in the absence of proof of expenditure. What more sewage would float to the top?
Well, how about bugging of MPs. Leave aside just for now whether or not it did or did not occur. What was interesting was the use of a long ago ruling called The Wilson Doctrine. Yes - named after yer dear 'Arold. Remember his swift and relatively poorly explained decision to get out of the heat of the kitchen. Bugs in those days worked much hotter when switched on. The slugs claimed this gave them an immunity. At a time when the man who controls legal interception disclosed he was handling about 1,000 new requests each week. So, that is a 1,000 this week, add 1,000 the week before and so on back a few months. Cut 25% for tappings withdrawn. We get - say - 20,000 of us under close observation. And MPs isolated from such things. Ah yes say the slimeys, we have more integrity and can be better trusted than you lot. This in the face of the expenses and family employment revelations. This really demonstrates just how far up their own ar*es they are.
We saw the sentencing yesterday of those who assisted the 21 July bombers. All nice clean looking boys if you like that sort iof thing. Who - meeting them face on in the street - would imagine they held any sort of secret. Just like any MP or any one of us. People do hold important positions do work against the interests of their employers. Blunt, Kilby, Blake and that lot come to mind. The guy who blew the whistle was a activist before he was selected. Does the leopard change it's spots overnight? How are we to know? I'll hint at how to know - see what he gets up to. If bugging someone I regard as an ordinary citizen leads to a terrorist - even one sleeping until he is activated - I'm perfectly happy about this intrusion into what some think of as his private life. He is a pretty poor solicitor if he does not anticipate what resources will be deployed. My only problem would be trying to detect what was MP telling porkies and what was accurate.
Of course, we now have the policeman who claims he was Mr Bugger and acted under duress. Not a great deal of duress one would have thought. He had rank that comes from service and could have resigned. Or gone sick. He chooses to come forward now there is press interest. Journalists often write requests for interviews on 20 quid notes and post these through letter boxes.
His revelation suggests more to come. The talk is of a bugged table. Table singular. So just how did Mr Bugger ensure that his target sat at just the very talking table in a room full of tables?
So, other than the flimsy claim for Not Me Chum exemption from the rest of the human race, what has the police operation to do with the rest of my opus on MP sleaze? Well - two high mucky mucks agree they knew of the bugging last year. Where and who was being targeted. The claim is that they did not take Ministers into their confidence. So we have the situation where it is feasible that politicians are enjoying ill gotten gains and not even bothering to be on top of their jobs but leave it all to Sir Humphrey. They are in denial of just how much they are now despised. Good are classified along with bad. Straw institutes a prompt inquiry into the bugging whilst the other matters of malfeasance bounce about like balls in a pachinko board.
We are not just fighting to get the Thames Barrier raised against the incoming flood of corruption and fraud. The financial system in London makes vast profits and only occasionally are we granted an insight as to what goes on where the Soc General surfaced. They are doubtless setting up bets on Northern Rock which will create vast 'profits' to individuals and their masters. When the politics are a rerun of the Rakes Progress and the financial markets are run by latter day Fagins, what hope have we of a land fit for heroes?If you have read this far, here is another little nugget. This might also be of interest in clarifying that 1,000 bugging requests a day. There must be more buggers than gays?

Vivid demonstration

I'm sure that a lot of people looked away or shut their eyes at the televised end of a suicide bomber in Israel. Some of those who did watch will question the police interpretation that he was, although injured, trying to reach the detonation switch for the explosive belt. Extreme Thomas' will query that it was explosive - might it have been a money belt?

Those who saw it or looked back later can no longer doubt the Israeli method of instant execution is part of their anti-terrorist policy. This tracks back to the shooting in London of the Brazilian police were convinced was a bomber going about his business. The man yesterday was badly injured but was still trying for his home run - until that first shot. The officer emptied his weapon and we saw fresh head injuries. The bomber was no further risk. It put a lot of civilians into the position of anti-terrorist forces and might cause a few to reconsider their objections.

"Monkey see - monkey learn" is a security mans' adage. It will not take long before we see the self-detonating terrorist bomber backed up with a remote-controlling colleague. They know this technology well and demonstrated it with the use of the two mentally handicapped women in Iraq. This also encapsulated the terrorists position vis a vis their religious claims. My understanding was that Allah had a special place in his heart for the mentally confused. Were I religious, I would hope there is a special hell reserved for such puppet masters..

Monday, 4 February 2008

New wall of China.

I'd been thinking how a massive influx of Olympic games visitors and associated media would impact upon China. Whilst there has been almost unimaginable growth and modernisation there, I suppose that there must still be Chinese who have avoided all this. Not for much longer I think. Television reaches some very isolated areas in the rest of the world and this will be happening there.

China seems keen to limit the spread of Internet such as we have here. This seems to have started by controlling the porn and general spamming email traffic but is now much more comprehensive and targetted. China's Internet filtering regime is the most sophisticated effort of its kind in the world. Compared to similar efforts in other states, China's filtering regime is pervasive, sophisticated, and effective. It comprises multiple levels of legal regulation and technical control. It involves numerous state agencies and thousands of public and private personnel. It censors content transmitted through multiple methods, including Web pages, Web logs, on-line discussion forums, university bulletin board systems, and e-mail messages. Our testing found efforts to prevent access to a wide range of sensitive materials, from pornography to religious material to political dissent. Chinese citizens seeking access to Web sites containing content related to Taiwanese and Tibetan independence, Falun Gong, the Dalai Lama, the Tiananmen Square incident, opposition political parties, or a variety of anti-Communist movements will frequently find themselves blocked. While it is difficult to describe this widespread filtering with precision, our research documents a system that imposes strong controls on its citizens' ability to view Internet content. Whilst this is a report from just one agency and may not reflect the actual situation, there is much concern from other sources.

These measures will come under great pressure when visitors come with their vast array of communication equipment. Mobile phones will be abundant. Those who attend the games will either get connections or will not. If they are denied, their experiences will come out when they get back home. Live television reporting from games events will allow an opportunity for placard waving and demonstrations - not every agitator can be traced and arrested as the first visitors fly in.

China is a sovereign country and it is not for me to criticise. I have lived in places where education from outside was deemed a bad thing and most often it made sense to me. It can be very unsettling to go from candles to computer controlled low energy lighting in one bound and this applies to many things we in the modern world take for granted. However, China is very innovative and will soon - if not already - be a major influence on world economy but it will be interesting to see what happens when the circus leaves town. How many Nellies will pack their trunks and creep away?

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Target for today

I'm going to be my own guest today. What is below is a post I have just made to another blog site. It is a members only thing and that is why publication is doubled up.

I do not doubt that, if anyone comments at all, there will be those who use it to go off on a rant about 'them muslims'. All very gratifying for them but, I suspect, boring to most others. I hope my bit is not a rant. So far as I am concerned, anyone who wishes can come to this country. Just so long as they do not come near me or my way of life. So, give it up with a warm welcome for our esteemed guest ..........

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Just a quick skim through the morning papers adds to concern at the way Great Britian is becoming us and them land. Sharia courts are operating here and their 'judges' are seeking to add to their influence and powers. Sure - this will (so far and at least initially) not effect non-Muslims), but it willidentify part of the community as different. Non-muslims will feel that their laws are not good enough for the man alongside them on the street or in the workshop and this will ad to the divide.

Elsewhere I read that we now recognise polygamy. Whilst I might see it as a suitable punishment for many English men, it is - or was - contrary to the law of the land. Seems that if multiple wives were OK in one's land of origin, it will be recognised here. Whilst I see it as contrary to the vows of what is the established religion here, I could live with it. But, recognition is not enough. We will pay the allowances for these buckshee women. The result of this change might seem to be connected with wives but it is really much more basic. The immigrants will be able to claim that we recognised the law of another country here in respect of wives. Why do we resist the laws regarding female circumcision, stoning of adulterers or surgical removal of left hands? Foreign ways are creeping in all along the line. Worse, there is no line. Changes are being sought by wile but there is a strong militant strain. Our churchmen are being threatened with death by those who interpret their teachings as anti-Islamic. Even here we see another path of influence. That daft doris Home Secretary buggered about with our language such that the threateners of death are anti-Islamic by her definition and are threatening those they consider to be anti-Islamic.

I am as political as I am religious but were I active I would find myself leaning towards the National Party. It appears to me that the other parties are reluctant to give a positive lead in immigration. We get sound bites and photo opportunities but no sign of a policy that covers immigration from A to Z. I think a good start would be to end the situation why someone can flee from claimed persecution and travel through or overfly several countries to claim sanctuary here in the UK. Pakistani refugees could escape to Afghanistan and the atlas shows many places considered as civilised nearer than we are. We also harbour people who brought upon themselves the claimed persecution. They made a bloody nuisance of themselves in their home countries and then come here and hide behind our skirts.

Some will no doubt chide me for not showing what is understood to be Christian charity. Love thy neighbour. Faith, hope and charity - of these three the greatest is charity I will hear. In this case, showing Christian charity is well on the way to overpowering Christianity here and replacing charity with sharia. Having spent some time out of the country and experienced life under different ideologies, I adhere to the tag that strong walls good neighbours make.