Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Smile - you're on camera. Maybe

CCTV was introduced whilst I was engaged in commercial management. My security background meant that I was always suspicious when the salesmen came calling at my door. Insurance requirements usually meant that we had to install them but the surveyor had to convince me when he produced his solution. I can think of some four situations where we had cause to refer to the tapes and only once did we get anything that could be of use in the investigation.

So, it is interesting to see what a 'proper' policeman has to say a number of years after my Philistine attitude to the damned things.

Mind you, we did have some fun with one particular camera. It overlooked a rear doorway that, at night, was used as a place of work for the local prostitutes. The battle I had over that one was in resisting provision of a loud speaker so that my guards could award points for technique and performance.

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