Monday, 4 December 2006

Santa soldiers

Just got back from sending off a few parcels to our troops out in Iraq. The gubmint has dropped all defences and is transporting parcels free of charge. Free that is so long as each one does not exceed 2 kilograms in weight and is within a standard size. I had to have two bites at the cherry as the first parcel was well in excess of the permitted weight. Finally beat the red tape by sending three packages.

I cannot understand the weight limit bit. Where is the difference between 100 parcels weighing a total of 400 pounds and 50 parcels weighing 400 pounds? Obviously, there is a risk that some nut will try and send a bloody big box weighing 50 kilos but I cannot think so. The factor is the transport of freight totalling 400 pounds; how that total is packed must be immaterial. Maybe the weight per box is limited just to ensure fairness when the parcel staff play the "let's see how far we can kick the parcel" game?

My other query is, do they weigh the body bag when they send home the soldiers killed in the politicians' stupid war?

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