Monday, 9 February 2009

Extending their grip

So, as well as things like c.difficile in the wards, we will now have salmonella available in Reception?

NHS launching new chain of cafes

Cafes at hospitals across Scotland could be run by the NHS, officials have claimed. Four cafes under the "Aroma" brand are to be opened by the NHS in Glasgow hospitals and two more will be opened in the Highlands.

If successful the idea will be spread out across Scotland.

The plan was disclosed when public health minister Shona Robison opened the first of the Glasgow cafes at the city's Royal Infirmary. All profits made by the cafes will be reinvested in the NHS and they will be staffed by NHS employees.

The cafes are being opened as contracts expire for existing cafes run by outside bodies. The "Aroma" cafes will boast of 50% of products having lower fat, sugar and salt, healthy recipes, and ethically-sourced coffee.

Ms Robison said: "It is important that the NHS takes the lead in making it easier for staff, visitors and patients to enjoy affordable, high quality and healthier foods."

She went on: "Run by the NHS for the NHS, these caf├ęs will put profits straight back into hospitals, benefiting patient care and, in many cases, creating new NHS jobs."

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde chairman Andrew Robertson said: "We are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to drive up standards while at the same time ensure good value for the NHS - Aroma achieves both."

The excellent Borders General Hospital that covers our area has a WRVS kiosk-sort of thing and it does a good job as well as giving them some income. Margins in alcohol-restricted cafe are small and the NHS does not have a good name in management terms. By the time they have appointed a handful of local managers, assistant managers, supervisors and assistant supervisors there will be damn all profit left. In addition, the diet Nazis will be determining what we can and cannot eat; this likely to drag down the customer figures.

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