Tuesday, 28 November 2006


I think I've mentioned that after some not very subtle bullying from Blogger Central, I switched to the new Blogger beta.

On the whole - satisfactory. We seem to have cleared out that bowel-freezing moment when one pushed 'Publish' and waited and waited and waited to see if the guys at BC were back from lunch to put the hard scripted words up in lights.

One change I think not for the better. With the spam-killing moderation of comments under the old system, I got an email telling me there was something to authorise. It does note up there are comments but in a rather quiet way on the Dashboard.

So, if you think I've taken against a comment when it has not appeared as swiftly as it should - fret not. It will. There are too few of you for me to risk getting anyone pished off.

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  1. Followers (huh some chance) may have noted a sort of morbidity. Reason for this is that I sustained a stroke on 7 July 2015 and this stopped everything.The Orwellian world of the NHS has largely passed me by which, given the way they operate may not have been a bad thing. Suffice to say
    i do not endorse the young doctors placards saying Save our NHS. As I see it the basic problem is that the seniors are really good administrators but with zero idea of medicine. The people who tread the wards realise it is not in their own best interests to rock the boat so NHS is as well navigated as the Marie Celeste.