Monday, 24 October 2005

Do you have our address Mr. Noah?

Lordy - hasn't it rained today! I looked out of my bedroom window about 4 this morning and it was coming down stair rods. I - almost - swam to Haddington to top up on food and things and even now in the late evening we are still seeing the rain come down. I've gone through two raincoats (I hate putting a cold and wet raincoat back on) and have been in and out of wellies all day it seems. I'm amazed the roads are dealing so well with the water; there were only a couple of places where it had flooded.
The livestock all looked so forlorn. Sheep had huddled together like a big ball of knitting wool and just stood and let the rain wash them down. The cattle were all under the shelter of trees where they had them or just in the wet in open fields. Obviously none of them had time to go into what is supposed to be bad weather mode where they lie down My poor old dog went down for her early morning walk, put head and shoulders outside the door and then pushed back at me. Total refusal to venture further. She came shopping with me and we stopped at the picnic place to give her a run. Still heavy rain but the attraction of a possible bird or rabbit lured her out. Once she was wet, she quite enjoyed herself in the grass and in the river.
Grandchildren Libby and Sam arrive tomorrow for a couple of days. I think we are ready - I've oiled our skates so we can keep up with them.
What with the rotten weather, I've avoided all newscasts on radio or TV and the home page here is Google news so that has been cleared as it loads. The daily survival is all I can cope with - the troubles of Kashmir, Iraq and Cherie B Liar would be just too much more baggage. Thankfully, the banter on the Army Rumour site has kept me amused in the time I had left after swimming about outside and showering – I was about as wet as after a shower and the water is hotter.
I checked the counter today to see what effect, if any, my planting of attractive words might have had. Not much is the short answer. I had a couple of guys from the Arabian Gulf looking for Farouk and one ‘person’ interested in my lambskin rug. The woman with muscles had a small following. I think I’m well capable of devising a blog entry about a playboy Arab King who enjoyed muscular women on a lambskin rug. He was a keen roulette player so perhaps he could lose the girl to a Zionist when 00 came up?
Doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I know it is nothing to do with my heart caper but otherwise I have not a clue as to what they want to do. I've been racking the walnut that is my brain but cannot work it out. I shall have to do, as StarTrek says with a sad lack of English Grammer and 'boldly go'

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