Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Learn if you can

I had a small problem from a guy, firstly 'anonymous' and later 'Joe', who tried to contact me through the comment facility. He chose not to take up my suggestion he contact me by e-mail when I deleted his comment without publishing it.

This comes from someone else who has had the same sort of problem. I find it kind of a neat solution to the situation. I'll save it in case I need to use it again.

Regarding one post to which one particularly irrelevant comment was appended, I responded to Rod ‘Breaker’ McCoy that while I appreciated his comments to previous posts, I do not allow people to use the courtesy I allow to make comments on my website for the purposes of advertising their services. I also contended that comments should be relevant to
the content of the post rather than discuss other, unrelated issues. To this, Mr. McCoy responded the following:

I object to your attitude. You dont (sic) anwer (sic) questions. Your site is organized to discuss only your opinions. You
are arrogant and afraid to hear other better informed opinions.
You are the enemy of people who seem to have the same cause.
However, you are weak and spiteful towards people who want to do more than whine.
You only want to publicize your own drivel and keep others from getting ahead or stating their views.
I consider you as bad as a leftist or a muslim (sic) imperialist.,
(sic) only to you the objective is to vent only!
Do not contact me again !

Smith responds:
You should give up caffeine and use the money you
save to purchase a spell checker. Beyond this, I suppose that I should recommend that you find a good counselor.

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