Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Where are they now?

I sometimes wander off into the ether of the Internet in search of "Where are they now?". Not the main personality of a newsworthy incident but the lesser players.

This came to me through a blog I follow. Ms Lewinsky certainly went through the mill. To us on the small side of the pond, everything concentrated on Clinton and we seemed to know little of the woman in the case. The vagaries of the female mind when romance - or even just plain old sex - are inexplicable to most males but I did wonder what was to become of her. So, nice to see that she appears to have come out the other side of the cloud in her young life without too much of an apparent disaster. I never condemned her - the adage about it taking two to tango was in the front of my mind. The item I link makes me feel a little bit better about how the world works.

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