Sunday, 10 August 2008

Cunning plan

My writing this is part of a cunning plan. I shall clarify later.

Descending from the flat today I heard a very rorty car exhaust sound. The sort that comes from an exhaust pipe like a 4" drainpipe and with overtones of burble. "Ah ha" I said to myself "that sounds like a  ........ Like a ......... Like a what?"
I knew that the word I wanted started with a S and was a make of car. Suzuki? No. That wasn't it. Try and think of a model - no. Nothing except Vitara so I was back in Suzuki country again.

Drive to lunch took about 40 minutes. All that time I was testing and chasing the mystery S. Total blank. Usually when this happens I leave it alone and the word I want pops up like an otter. Today - nothing. I kept on worrying at this bloody car make beginning with a S.

Coming out from lunch I saw the shape of a car I recognised. Trotted over and examined it - Subaru. At last. I tested myself on it on the way home "What's the name of that car?" "Subaru" "Name a model" "Impreza WRC" So - cracked it.
What has that to do with the point of this post as a cunning plan?  Easy. Next time I forget, I can come here and refresh my memory!  Result!!

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