Sunday, 23 November 2008

Coming soon

The Christmas lights are up in the village. I was having a post-lunch snooze in the living room when something woke me up. Level with the first floor window as a team of blokes on a hoist all working at hanging a garland across the street outside. Not switched on yet but I understand that is a Wednesday job.
All the workers are volunteers using local Council machines with supervision from the usual users. Nice co-operation and I suspect not too much bothering Nanny Health & Safety either.
The first snow has been. And gone. We woke up to just a dusting yesterday morning and then some during the day. Mostly it was too cold and windy. Last night was about 3 inches but it rained this afternoon and that was the end of that. Maybe Father Winter flexing his muscles? As age gets me more and more under the thumb, I find the idea of snow less pleasant so I'm hoping for a global warming winter.

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