Saturday, 13 December 2008

Death of a Brazilian

The Coroners' Inquest has now reported. The verdict of the Jury was Open. This is possibly the worst finding in such a important matter. It is tantamount to their saying "we do not know what happened". This despite a very full ventilation of the events of that day. There can be no closure for the family, vindication of the police or us, the public, knowing whether we can trust the ability and honesty of our public defenders. Obviously, contention increases newspaper sales even more than cheap fish and chips would do but they are still hammering on.

To me, the whole thing is like a sex act that did not come to the final physical event. Such a lot of well-intentioned effort but no satisfaction. I am disappointed at the Coroner's action in limiting the findings that could have been considered. This seeds further discontent; very few can understand or explain why he constrained the panel. I did not see anything in his closure regarding the fact that the Met. police seem to have driven a coach and horses through the law of the land regarding homicide. The sudden death implication of Kratos was not in their gift; parliament changes our laws.

There is another implication arising from leaving the veracity of police evidence up in the air. The Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) based their reports and recommendations on - presumably - the information now considered tainted. Just how does the suspicion implicit from the Coroners' Court change IPCC findings and will they re-convene?

All in all. an unsatisfactory fudge. Saloon bar pundits will run this for some while longer.

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