Tuesday, 14 April 2009

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With all the fuss about El Gordo’s email problems, I feel a little hesitant at posting today. I had never imagined so much heat could be generated by the thoughts of one individual sent wandering off into the ether with little targeting or guidance.

Sure, Guido has a large following but I suspect that all his followers are of one mind anyway. Read one rant at the disclosures and you have read them all. For all practical purposes, nothing is served. Brown’s arrogance means that he will not ever consider himself in the wrong by employing personal staff with the attitudes now revealed.

If what was done – or planned to be done – was so very heinous, please tell me why Cameron has made so little of it? This annoys me more than the email plot really. If the Duty of the Opposition is to Oppose (a phrase of Winston Churchill’s father – he knew all about opposition), then Cameron is more of an ally than Leader of the Opposition. Whilst inertia has given the Tories a lead in the shadow election polls, that lead is not such that a few weasel words and empty promises would not lead to the return of Brown.

And that is something of far greater importance than a few schoolboy japes passed around amongst fools.

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