Saturday, 9 May 2009

Boot on other foot chaps?

Comments from politicians and their Civil Servants re police being called in to investigate what a MP (Damien Green) had been getting up to.

David Cameron said “Does Gordon Brown think it is right for an MP who has apparently done nothing to breach our national security - and everything to inform the public of information they're entitled to know - to have his home and office searched by a dozen counter-terrorist police officers, his phone, blackberry and computers confiscated, and to be arrested and held for nine hours?”

Ken Clark said “Outrageous... There is no crime, this is an abuse of police powers, this is President Nixon's America - harassing a political opponent of the government. It should stop”

Harriet Harperson “We have got to be sure that whilst MPs are not above the law, that actually they are able to get on with their job without unwarranted interference by the law”

Nick Clegg “This is breaking with centuries of tradition about the independence of Parliament”

I’m sure you get the drift.

So why has the Met Police been asked to investigate the leaks about claims made by politicians?

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