Monday, 24 May 2010

Good men go bad!

I see that a defence group has been formed to protest the treatment afforded to a former service man. The basis of the case against the man are summarised "A former Royal Marine has been ordered to repay almost £90,000 which he made as a result of concealing criminal property. A judge at Carlisle Crown Court yesterday decided that Raymond Baty, 39, of Ambleside Airfield, Silloth, had benefited to the tune of £140,283.30 as a result of his crimes. He had been buying, selling and fixing cars for cash and made money which he didn’t declare to the Inland Revenue.
At an earlier hearing – when Baty was handed 100 hours’ community service – the court heard that police had found £24,235 in shoeboxes in his house.
Not all former booties get treated this was. A descendt of Long John Silver escaped punishment in one of these recovery of the proceeds of crime operations.
What is getting to me is the idea that former service means one is a paragon of virtue. There is a lot ho hoo hah elsewhere where a former Military Police officer is getting support on his seemingly corrupt trial purely because he has an MBE and 20 odd years of service. They can only say, "He was OK when I knew him" That is rather like Mrs Crippen saying "He was a nice guy when I married him"

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