Saturday, 15 May 2010

To dream, perchance to sleep

Yes - I know that is not what the Great Dane said but it the sort of further complication that comes with increasing age.

I can now add insomnia. I've carried out all the suggested things they group as remedies but with no change. I've identified the cause and it is there that I find myself stymied.

I can sit about elsewhere in the house and drop off to sleep without too much bother. But as soon as I get into bed and put the lights and radio off, my brain goes into hyper-drive. It just races away; I will have four of five chains of thought going on at the same time. All lucid and clear and quite independent of each other. There will be a run through multiplication tables, bits of vocabulary in any one of three or four languages, planning for events some three or four months in the future or re-running actions taken years ago
Most annoying - especially when my brain seems to be degrading in many other aspects.

I have in the past gone to bed when the adrenaline was still high but back then I could somehow get the brain to switch off. Now, my addiction to adrenaline gets very little sustenance so it really should be a doddle to calm things down.

This may come across as a further instalment in my carping on about old age. Not my intention. There may be someone who can suggest what I can do to get back into the arms of Morpheus. Sleeping pills - both OTC and on prescription have not made any real difference and I have the same fears as did Hamlet as to where that sleep might lead.

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