Friday, 4 June 2010

How was it for you then?

A respected friend and I have been discussing the lack of comments on my work. Why so few?
I initially responded by saying that I wrote for myself and had little concern at what happened to my work once it was out of the birth canal. He then proved that I had written where I requested input and that the claimed indifference was a front to cover what might be rejection. Not everyone who takes the trouble to create feedback uses the comment facility; I get Blog-related messages on Twitter, Facebook and by email.
Whilst we were going backwards and forwards I had a comment clearance alarm on something I had written in 1998 which proved I know not what other than the fact that there were some readers out there. I did once have my Blogger guru @gemmak500 insert a hit counter on the template. This recorded a fair number of visitors from a number of locations but the comment count was low.
So, good people (or maybe, good person), here is a one time offer. Free and guaranteed genuine. Can you suggest a reason for the low Comment count? Does it matter to you as a reader? Should I court Comments by adopting any of the Make Your Blog Read tactics that exist? Make your views known - either in the Comment box or, if that is too cumbersome, by email to kepirouge& You know to swap the & for @ which is there to hold off spammers.
Appreciated. If sufficient response, I sort out some sort of matrix - might help others who blog in apparent silence.

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