Friday, 16 July 2010

Sheep may safely graze

First field one comes to on leaving the village is about 100 acres. Slopes gently and then quite sharply. The road runs along the profile of the highest point. The scenery there is always wonderful and I take every opportunity to use that route.

This morning as I looked about, I thought we had had a sudden crop of white daisies. The whole field had white dots scattered across like confetti. I stopped and then realised that the dots were sheep - flock of about hundred I reckon.

The last couple of days have seen very heavy falls of rain. Strong enough yesterday afternoon that the crops and vegetation were so flattened I thought we were having a hail storm. This had got right into the lanolin layer of the fleeces and acted like finest Persil (or is Oxy-Vanish the bench mark?).

I've previously noted the shampooing that comes with rain but never before as effective as this. I suppose it is a factor of the clean air here; elsewhere the dirt in the atmosphere gets trapped in the wool during the rinsing process. However, we do not have dirty air. Fine way to spend 20 minutes - watching the clouds move and tracking their shadows as well as seeing the different shapes of the flock as they all did their own thing.

How annoying to think of all those wasted years when I lived elsewhere!

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