Friday, 1 October 2010

Care of the sick and aged

I have been reading up on our ancestors and came across this.
"Old Man
Estimated age: 50,000 years
Date of discovery: 1908
Location: La-Chapelle-aux-Saints, France

This individual, who was 30 to 40 years old when he died, had a healed broken rib, severe arthritis of the hip, lower neck, back, and shoulders, and had lost most of his molar teeth. This indicates that Neanderthals may have had a complex social system that included care for the elderly."
There are other accounts of finds where skeletons were found with withered arms, tooth loss and severe osteoarthritis such that they could not have fended for themselves in a hunter-gatherer community.

I have also read up on the suggested changes in the NHS and the impact - especially in Scotland - of cost savings likely to be imposed.

It would seem that our new Government does not even come up to the standards of Neanderthals.

No Neanderthals were harmed in the research for this report.

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