Friday, 9 December 2005

NHS for all?

As a big fat old man, I am naturally concerned about the NICE (as in NICE one?) report which appears to advocate that if a patient who presents for treatment is overweight, a smoker or drinkerm it is OK to defer or even refuse him treatment.
Leave aside the point that without examination there is no way to establish any connection between the 'criminal behaviour' and the affliction, we still have the possibility that the poor sod who does not fit the profile is that way because of the actions of the Government. Rubbish food and no employment tend to go together. Depression may appear to be lifted by alcohol. I say appear before everyone crowds in with their expert medical opinions. The woman is depressed, she drinks, she wants to get treatment for the depression, she is refused because she drinks. In proper hands, this could be written up to be better than the Dead Parrot Joke. I do not intend to get up tight about this; they can treat me or leave me alone and I'll deal with it myself when the time comes. However, this guy has a neat view on the NICE.

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