Friday, 9 December 2005

Normal service will be .............

Been missing any real drive to contribute here.
Strangely, I think it is because I am feeling pretty chipper.
From lots of reading, I think that most people (not all, before you start!) blog because they want to moan or draw attention to something where they feel moans from someone else would be merited. After all, most people can get themselves to complain about things like bad service or inadequate provision of some resource. Few go the other way and fire off approval to all and sundry when something is satisfactory.
So it is with me. I have the same aches and pains and inability to do what I did twenty years ago but the present situation is that I don't really care about any of this. My attitude that there is a big conspiracy to do me down has left me - maybe the tablets are working? Doubtless, were I to carry out some sort of detailed audit of my blessings I would find there is just as much to bleat and moan about. Right now, I cannot be bothered to look. Long may that last.
So, if I miss a few days it is because I do not have anything strong enough to motivate me and not that I am spending my time on splicing bits of string together to make some sort of hangman's rope.

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