Saturday, 30 December 2006

2007 - Almost there

So. almost another year gone and I am still above ground. I guess that will have to be the Good News. I have never understood the drive to come up with a set of Resolutions at the start of a New Year. If something is a good idea or in need of implementation into one's life then it should be set in motion without awaiting a new season. There are many other new beginnings in a year; why not choose Spring to plant new ideas or ideals?
I suppose that I have always been lucky enough to be able to recognise the things I can achieve, differentiate them from those that I cannot and then leave that selection process alone. No point in tilting at windmills whose vanes are rusted in place. This property and attitude means that I can ignore much of what goes on outside my own immediate circle. The events in the wider world still interest me but neither inspire or demand that I actually do anything. I do reserve the right to be critical but doubt that I would respond to any call for les citoyen to storm the barricades. This must, in personal terms, be a Good Thing. The world is a totally fupducked and there are very many barricades that would have attracted me in previous years. This reticence (or acquired wisdom?) is something I find comforting and unpleasant in equal parts. I would dearly like to be part of that comradeship of combat but can get by with standing at the window shaking my Zimmer frame.
This life-style of mine seems to have been carried over into the genes of my children. They have encountered problems but attack these as challenges and do not see them as burdens. I hope they will always realise that a difficulty only becomes a problem if tolerated.
What would I ask for in the New Year? Leaving aside the obvious Peace On Earth of course. Has to be a selfish personal request. My Black Dog is incapacity - either mental or physical. I doubt that I'll be reciting Plato at 93 whilst engaged in pleasuring some young lady of 65 but that would be the ideal. I hope that what I have done with my medical notes and in other ways will ensure that I do not end up plugged into a 13 amp electrical outlet like a coffee machine. Please can I have the bed nearest to the cleaner's station.
That is about all I would really ask for.
As for anyone who has stayed the course and got this far. What about them? The answer has to be to hope that they all get whatever they might ask for. So - there you are; a free hand. But remember the other old adage, be careful what you ask for.

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