Friday, 22 August 2008

Gadding about

The fuss about Garry Glitter's world tour is dying down. Just as a new angle develops.

I had not realised just how much compassion has emerged in the past years. Some quite serious words have been written about the rights and wrongs of what is seen as continuing his punishment by making him the subject of controls and sex offender listing. I see their point. To me, the deciding factor is whether he is bad or mad. If bad, controls will work. If mad - no chance. 

Most legal considerations about children focus on what is right for the child and that should be borne in mind. It is the right of any anonymous child yet identified not to be abused and debased by those whose tastes are unhealthy. For the greater good of that juvenile, I am content to have Glitter subjected to hassle. I do think his is an exceptional case and agree with the reformers that blanket treatment of all offenders post-sentence is undesirable.

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Follow-up or hounding?

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