Thursday, 21 August 2008

I'm a millionaire I am.

There is a report in today's Telegraph describing a new website where employees can see how much their companions are paid. The safeguards against mendacity look good but I see one problem.
Most of my employers were worried about this sort of revelation. All salary increase letters reminder staff that there was a contractual prohibition on telling anyone else of their salary. Some employers were anti-blogging by staff and this website will put a burr under their soft parts.
Well, no. Not actually. I only ever had two or so of my staff bring me evidence that their counter-parts elsewhere where better paid and seeking to use this as grounds for an increase. My response was to offer them a 5P coin and the suggestion that they go and see if they could get a job at this ideal company. I did not lose either employee.

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Let the cat out of the bag

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