Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Red entries in the diary

I have to admit that when I see the announcement of any new application that is of even the slightest connection with things I do, I dash off and try it out.

Well, here is one that I most certainly have no interest in (nowadays that is - thank the Lord!) and I'll just pass on by.

OK  listen up if you are part of the population that has to deal with monthly fertility cycles. Newly launched Go28Days may be the thing for you if you are really trying hard to get pregnant, or really trying hard not to get pregnant. Like a bunch of other sites, they monitor your cycle days, temperature and other stuff I’m not going to talk about, and let you know the days you are most fertile. But the site also has a number of nice touches, including sharing of information with select friends. And soon they say they’ll have a Facebook app (of course) and a mobile version to for adding data and, presumably, making a last minute fertility check before engaging in behavior you’ll likely regret in the morning.

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