Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Back home

I reckon on being here a bit more often. I have been writing for another blog but it seems they think I am monopolising the posts. The claim is that people spend so much time reading mine that they do not have time to write their own. The obvious solution seems to have deserted them; I cannot think that what I contribute is so gripping and excellent that it destroys the Do Not Read gene. I did spend a little time making no posts at all and, whilst one or two made posts, very few took advantage of time saved by not reading my stuff to contribute anything of their own.
I was asked to ration myself to not more than 5 posts a day. For a while, I did this but unilaterally broke the agreement when I saw the poor response to the free time the others gained. Five posts seems a strange way to measure volume. A post could consist of a cartoon or photograph with one line of remark by me. I could also write a very much longer item - still a post.
I have been in and out of the group a couple of times. Initially, I felt happy there but somehow or somewhere, it has lost what it was.
Because of being rationed on such daft grounds, I'll solve all their problems and write nothing there. The few people whose opinion I value and whose work I appreciate can read me here. Or stay where they are.

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