Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hanging from my arse

I do not know the polite name for those bits of fecal matter that cling to the intimate hairs around one's anus. Let me use the term 'dingleberries'. Twas for them that the bidet was developed.

My comments section has developed such a dingleberry. An insignificant piece of crap. Self-named as anonymous, but reading from the asinine comments it is not to difficult to identify him as Kim or The Indian Boy. The very fact that someone so easily identifiable chooses to attempt anonymity well illustrates the level of his intellect. The same old situation obviously exists - if it is not hockey-related, he knows nothing.

Just as dingleberries are removed by the bidet, anonymous is deleted by my comment moderation. If he chooses to post some relevant comment, I'll let it through. Otherwise, down the pan. Still, this post might attract one or other of the web crawlers who seize upon fecal or dingleberry so it is not all a waste of my time.

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