Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Breaking news - no euthanisia for Gordon Brown

So - Gordon Brown is against assisted suicide? Given his situation where assassination would be no bad thing, I can understand that.
He is intent on using his political position to push his beliefs and attitude. An unelected functionary on a non-manifesto topic? Surely he is the same as me - one man one vote? His upbringing should not define what the people of this country must do or have to accept.
I support what seems to be the policy of the prosecuting authorities where no charges are brought against those who assist in the trip to Switzerland and oblivion. It is my life to determine; hopefully whilst still in a fit and competent mental state. Deciding that continuing life has no attraction and many pains and mental anguish is as much a choice as, say, a marriage partner or a career choice.
There is an alternative. All the while tall buildings and high cliffs exist, fast heavy lorries run and gin with a side order of readily available drugs is available, the suicide choices exist. Some of these present danger to others beside the person seeking a route out. Not all have a fully guaranteed outcome. Dignitas solves all these complications and, I understand, has decision making paths far in excess of a desperate person at that high building, cliff etc.

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