Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The dreaded lurgy

I thought I might have missed the 'flu this year. I obediently went long and had my injection in good time so was not expecting anything other than a bad cold. However, it seems that the days when I shrugged off such things are now gone.
Now, when it gets a hold of me I suffer. Aches and pains all over. Wheezing and blocked up nose. As I am on the Warfarin, the usual range of symptom-easing things like Day/Night-Nurse are denied me. It got so bloody miserable though that, in the end, I stopped the rat-poison. The doctor allowed me penicillin and after a week or so on that i seem much better.
Old age has its own curses healthwise but the addition of flu makes these all just that bit worse.

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