Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A day of mixed emotions.

My lovely old dog left us just over a year ago. She left a void that I have not even begun to fill. I have been unable to visit any of the places where we enjoyed each other so very much. It has been difficult to talk to passing dogs. I miss her even now more than I would miss the use of my arms.
Today, I exercised a German shorthaired pointer dog. He was a rescue dog taken in by the owner of the hotel near home. Even discussing the walk was a hard thing for me. The dog, Trooper, is a small example of the breed; we used to joke with Sable that she was a runt. He has the oval eyes that are not usual - just as Sable had.
Equipped with small pieces of corned beef, I set out with him. He is extremely biddable but it would seem he has had little training so we started from scratch this time out. Heel walking was OK, We went into the tennis courts which are fenced around and we got the idea of Come. The meat stocks were going down fast! When all seemed well - off into the park. No lead; just my voice. A super little dog. Such a wonderful day though so very tearful.
He came into the house with me on the way back to his home and dashed about - just like a ghost dog.
I'm down for a repeat tomorrow if I can manage it. I think that Topper and I will get a lot out of this. I hope so. I don't know what is in his background prior to rescue but so far as I am able, he will enjoy things from now on.

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