Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Return to my youth

I moved out of the marital bedroom some 2 years ago. I move about a lot at night and Norma makes all sorts of groans and grunts. Initially, I moved into what is the guest bedroom of the other four bedrooms but I had to be on my best behaviour and could not personalise it.
I next moved into the bedroom on the top floor of the flat. This is nominally a loft conversion but there was so much space available that the conversion looks as if it was designed along with the main floors. Over the months, I've created what can only be described as a Teenagers Flat. My room has a couple of bookshelves and loads of gadgets. My DVD player is there, the iPod base station and a number of drawers that hold any number of goodies. My Asus eee wi netbook works there. There is even a coffee machine. Vacuum cleaners wielded by women are banned; I keep it clean myself.
With the approach of real cold weather, I had to add a oil-based heater. Connected to a timer to run just before my normal bed-time and at the time I usually get up. During the night itself though, temperatures dropped to about 7 or 8 degrees and I had to over-ride the timer. A full-rated duvet did not crack the problem.
Last week-end though I found the solution, A double-size sleeping bag with flannelet liner. I creep into that on top of my fleece-covered mattress and all is well. I've got the art of getting in well sorted so that I do not need the electric heater at all.
Things are now just about perfect but it was that reversion to the sort of bedroom I had as a teenager that did it. All I have to worry about now is how the undertakers will get my stiffening body down the stairs!

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