Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Grazing for me

I think it is called serendipity? Getting a result by accident that is not the one you set out to achieve. I was looking for grouse but dodgy fingers and Google offered me Graze. I liked the précis and made a neat discovery.
Graze is a sort of up-market Meals on Wheels. One can identify one's favourite foods and also specify when you wish to have these sent to you by Royal Mail. One needs to read through the site to see why I say 'up market'
I got my first, free, box yesterday and was gob-smacked. Great attention has been paid to presentation; the packaging and the food itself.
I do not know who the target audience was. From my time as a worker, I see it as ideal for those days when the M & S sandwich palls. It would come right to your desk. I would have pushed it to be used for catering for meetings. I was in charge (roughly) of about 80 people making sure that the Corporate HQ in London was fit for purpose and that the staff had all they needed to do their work without any problem from the services or the building fabric. I used to reward any especially good work by any of my people by ordering them up one of the three course meals that were delivered to offices. The 'done good' individual had the main course. Tradition was that the starter and pudding went to their colleagues. Graze would have taken over from that idea. A healthier alternative and, I suspect, less food miles.
I hope that their business plan was flexible enough to deal with the possible reduction in demand due to staff losses and pressure on personal finances. I hope this does not harm what is a most innovative enterprise.
I'm convinced and have made a regular order. This may seem strange given that I am retired and now live in the centre of a well-serviced village and just a totter from a well-stocked fridge. Truth is, my self-appointed carer goes off regularly to her Quilt or embroidery groups. On those days, I shall Graze at midday.
The only fly in my share of the ointment is the name. Graze. When my BMI was North of 40, my fatman consultant identified my problem as being due to grazing as in sheep or cattle. I was eating all day; main meals, snacks, comfort food, checking the kitchen's output, whatever kept my mouth in motion. He cured the problem with some nifty embroidery and very large staples. I think I'll call my box Snax.

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