Thursday, 8 January 2009

Question Time

Ignoring my normal reservations about the meme yesterday was quite amusing over and above the diversion into things on which I do not normally ponder. I thought I might alter Gemmak's format slightly (lese majesty!) and extend it a bit.
Firstly, I've drawn up a set of questions (below) so that those who play know what they are getting into and to allow some comparisions of responses to the same queries. Individuals can go for as few or as many as they wish.
Again, I realise that the way we have done this in the past bars those who have Internet access but no blog. (If you want a damned fine blog all set up and ready to go, check out Gemmak's page). To get round this, I'm issuing email to likely suspects and have stuck this proposal on my Facebook group. (The shame of it - admitting membership. Blame my granddaughter) They, and others, can respond using the Comment section of this particular posting.
So - here come the questions. 1 2 3 Go!

Questions choice

When suggesting innovation or change, assume your recommendation will be implemented.

 1           If you could change one piece of legislation, national or inter-national,              what would it be and why? Would you just kill it or amend it?

2        If able to remove all mention of one individual from all media, who would it be and why? I have already done Simon Cowell, Bruce Forsyth and Michael Winner.

3        What has been your most memorable meal and why? Was it the food, the company, the occasion celebrated or – what?

4        You may go on vacation to anywhere you choose. Where, why and with whom?

5          Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Do you believe that? If so, why do     we have appeal courts?

6           Girl friends or dogs – which are the most loyal and loving?

7           If doing good resulted in personal danger or inconvenience, would you still try?

8          Who had the most influence on you during your growing up period? Mother, father or A.N. Other. Why?

9       What will you do tomorrow that you would not have done this time last week?

10       In your life to date, which were the best of times? Why?

11       Burial, cremation, leave body to science?

12       What on earth made you buy THAT dress/pair of trousers?


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