Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Yes but ......

Article in today's Grauniad refers to something that has been exasperating me for some while.

This -
As Cameron's Conservatives become more trenchant in their criticism of what Cameron termed " Labour's debt crisis", the edict has gone out that Tories must not appear to revel in the political opportunities provided by the downturn. And the media-savvy Conservative leader knows that audiences will turn away from a negative message. They want to hear some good news.
That may well be true but what I want is some sign that he has worked out the consequences of his silence. If his forecasts are right about just what troubles Brown is storing up down the road then the sooner he does something to bring about a change, the better. The government must be brought to face an election. Then we will see just how the public see Brown's policies. If they support them, then everyone in any position of influence should sign up with the programme and get on with it. I used to be the simpleton who thought the task of the Opposition was to oppose but Dave has changed that. By just acquiescing with Brown he is, and will be, as guilty as NuLabour of the consequences. If something is wrong, it must be exposed and brought to an end. Tantamount to commenting on Gary Glitter that it is a matter for him and the parents of the kids.

Funny old paper that Grauniad. In the same issue they have comment on Cameron's style from Pretty Polly.

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