Friday, 5 June 2009

How far and how fast?

Would you run?

For a couple of months, you have been dealing with the nice-sounding female at one of your firm's suppliers. Formal talk came to social and down to chat. After a while of this, you suggest you meet up for a blind date dinner. It may just be your imagination but you have the idea it might lead to home-brewed coffee?

Meet-up point is a rather chic restaurant you reserve for this sort of engagement. You are known and will get service that might be deemed impressive. The bill - with a small amount of discretionary understanding from your boss - might be a business expense.

You get to the venue just about right for time. A quizzical maƮtre de greets you and says that your companion is already there. He nods towards the woman on the right here.

So, I say again - how far and how fast?

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