Monday, 1 June 2009

Susan Boyled over

A picture tells a thousand words!

Shame it all ended up this way. A nice enough woman was taken out of her natural environment and put into a world of stress. She was described as having learning difficulties; we did not get the full SP on the nature of these problems. It cannot have helped when she went mega-star after her semi-final led to zillions of YouTube hits and The Big Time in America.
The bits that have leaked out about her being admitted to The Priory suggest that it was a move directed by her actual conduct and not exhaustion so it may well be that she will suffer some more lasting impairment.
The only consolation about her not winning is that she did not go on and explode big time. I do not subscribe to limiting choices and opportunities for those with mental problems. They may need special handling but should still be allowed to have a go. It might well have been justifiable for the Talent organisers to 'adjust' her marks so that she did not go into the super-heated competition and the other pressures that come with instant stardom.
Nice to see that I am not alone in my theory

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