Monday, 15 June 2009

Outfaced and twittered am I

Seduced by a twit

I used to have a blog to which I contributed on a irregular basis. It ran for almost ten years. Sometimes it attracted comments or complaints but never so often that it became a chore. Occasionally, during days when I was fighting The Black Dog, it came out somewhat acerbic or failed to show up at all. On balance, I enjoyed it but it was never ever near to becoming a major part of my life.

What I did get serious about in the blogging context was reading the work of others. After a while, I had so many listed as Favourites that I decided to get a blog gatherer and that led me to Bloglines. I got to know about RSS feeds and every day I would have some 50 or so blogs which generally ran into 250 or so threads. The wide range of topics on which one could find a blog amazed me. I started dreaming up really obscure interests and never failed to find that someone somewhere was providing a blogged opinion.

Then someone got me onto Facebook. I did not think that it and I would get on but I stuck with the messaging. I see it as a form of email but without spam. I've only a small circle of virtual friends; mostly family but with a couple of others picked up along the way. From one of these, I was shown Twitter. Again, initially I did not see what we might have in common but I lurked on the edges and eased my way in.

Now, it seems that most of my free time - of which I have plenty as befits a 76 year old coffin dodger - is spent catching up on my electronic world. If I had half the short term memory that I used to have, I'd be unbeatable in a general knowledge quiz.

I think I have adjusted well to the IT age.

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